Back To School 3 DIY Easy Healthy Vegan Lunch Recipes

Back To School 3 DIY Easy Healthy Vegan Lunch Recipes! Today I have 3 easy healthy vegan lunch ideas that would be perfect for back to school. I loved to …


  1. Are the beans/chick peas cooked??

  2. is avocado good

  3. am i the only one that never tried hummus? xd

  4. Bath the baby chickpeas in their mashed up parents.

  5. more vids like this please. I noticed the avocado clips are identical. That's how much I replay your vids

  6. That avocado is perfect, my god.

  7. Thanks for your recipe. I will prepare this and let you know. Hope it will be delicious

  8. how long can these lunches stay out of the fridge?

  9. my gav is oven roasted turkey with Spanish tomato mal sandwich with carrot sticks

  10. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Australians talk funny 🙂 I like this video though.

  12. I am so lazy I just go for soj joghurt with some frozen blueberrys

  13. Iris Villa-Sanchez

    My fav is the last, i love fruit

  14. I'm a vegetarian, so this was superbly helpful. Thank you.

  15. I just can't eat a salad like that. I mean dry. Tasteless or with squeezed lemon as I have seen many vegans do. It has been a challenge for me.

  16. How did o get here? Lol I'm not even vegan. Awesome video though!

  17. we're not allowed any nuts at school – so for the last one what would a substitute for peanut butter be?

  18. What do you do with the leftover chick peas in the can? You refrigerate it?

  19. This is amazing and i have so many questions.

    1. How much food do you buy (fruit and vege) and how long does it last?
    2. How do you keep it fresh?
    3. How much fruit/vege would you say you spend in a week?
    4. How on earth are your avocados so pretty?

    Our Gold Coast ones are looking pretty scary!

    much love. xx

  20. All of them to be cool for school l

  21. Thank you for this video! This really helped!!

  22. the reason the apple kinda flew away was because of the knife you were using, as well for the tomatoes you need to use a steak knife. That gets the job done more safely and steady.

  23. I am totally gonna do those wraps, I'll probably make 2 , each one different from the other!

  24. Awesome Kitty Paws!!

    Cool ur Australian !!! Yay I'm Aussie too

  25. I just made the decision to go vegetarian. I'll be starting a YouTube soon. If anyone has any tips/advice/support follow me & comment anything at all! My Instagram is naturally_natasja

  26. Great ideas Rachel..You could always warm the tortilla slightly to make it easier to fold with out tearing! I especially liked the salad..All looks yummy!! Thanks! :))

  27. Ugh watching late at night starving. Awesome video!!! I will be trying all of these (:

  28. This video's title should be more like "how to chop up fruits and vegetables"……

  29. is it weird that I only like purple onions or is it normal

  30. Heat tortilla slightly to avoid breakage :)

  31. Whats with everyone and the avacados D: <
    Im british and i cant find avacados ANYWHERE QQ

  32. Why peeling the carrot? There are great minerals and vitamins in the peel of veggies.

  33. This may be weird but what knife set do you use?

  34. literally the only thing i liked in the first one was carrots…. haha

  35. Emily_Equestrian_vegan

    Will my avacodo brown during school

  36. its good that you can maintain that lifestyle.

  37. For the love of god, please curl your fingers under whilst cutting vegetables! For your fingers sake!

  38. Your produce looks SO much better than what we have in the U.S. :(

  39. cake cake Sprinkels

    yes strawberries are bae

  40. Excellent ideas!

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