Back To School ☆ Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Heya 🙂 So here are some of my favourite vegan recipes that are also perfect for the back to school time. Enjoy! *Previous video* …


  1. Why would someone dislike this?

  2. The problem with me and breakfast ist that in the morning I'd rather watch youtube than eat something xD But all your ideas look delicious!

  3. hazelnut butter doesn't have chocolate

  4. these look so so so good! subscribed :)

  5. What is that fruit you put on there?

  6. do you have some breakfast ideas for on the go? i am so sick of brining bread and apples or grapes every single day. I cant think of anything else. i usually dont eat breakfast at home because its too early for me (6 am) but i have a snack break at 9.40

  7. im vegetarian n luv all ur ideas. thanks for sharing

  8. Ah! I feel like I am finding more and more vegan videos – and as being a vegetarian this is truly pushing me to make that next step! Keep doing these videos, much love<3

  9. Omg you inspired me to start eating healthy again with this recipes :)))

  10. My mouth's watering!! Can't wait to make these!

  11. I just found you through my own subscribers list. I love these types of videos!!! 😀 Can't wait to see more! :)

  12. Love your videos babe x (:

  13. I always looked for breakfast ideas like this <3 You look really pretty and I love every single recipe of this video! (I don't even have to worry if it's vegan or not)

  14. Coconut Oats !

  15. Your videos are amazing quality!

  16. Love this <3 !

  17. It all looks great! :)

  18. everything looks so good omg xx

  19. these all look so good and its amazing that they're vegan:) Ive subbed, it would honestly mean so much if you should sub back! I work so hard on my videos and id love to support you:) Fab video & i cant wait for more:)

  20. Great video! It all looks delicious, and it helped get me excited to get back to school!

  21. this looks so freaking yummy x 

  22. these all look SO good <3 <3

  23. This made me hungry thanks girl ahahah I love breakfast foods tho


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