Back On Track Food Diary | Leg Workout | High Protein Vegetarian Meals

What I Eat In A Day On a working Sunday! My book is available NOW! You can order it on amazon for only £5.99: Camera used to film is …


  1. so glad you included the part about your travel blogs- will be checking that out!!

  2. Do you have a link or style name for the 3 striped pants you wore at the beginning of the video?

  3. Chantal Swemmer

    Zanna, please come to South Africa. Johannesburg and definitely Cape Town…..

  4. I know just how you feel with that email! I really struggle when I've made plans to do lots of work and it gets thrown off track. Having a little cry and realigning the priorities always works in the end xxx

  5. Squats and Salads

    Love this Zanna! I love we both love nut butter mmmmm!!!

  6. Looking at that map, you need to come and visit New Zealand! 😉

  7. I love you and these videos sooo much!!

  8. Victoria Roper-Bahari

    that travel guide is awesome!!!! thank you so much, such a wonderful idea and a definite niche in the market me finks!!

  9. what tan do you use? x

  10. Yessss, drop everything's ng and watch Zanna's new vlog! I love how real and positive you are! Such an inspiration ❤️❤️


    So much yummy food! Glad you let yourself had a break ☺️ which protein went into your smoothie bowl?

  12. love granola omg!! great vid also u got overwhelmed had a cry went for a walk then smashed some work out and was positive again.. i need to learn how to deal with being overwhelmed better x

  13. Glad you worked through the panic/stress attack! It always clears up after some time. I hope you are having a great week and I'm looking forward to the next video 😀

  14. Jackqueline Acheampong

    Just checked out your blog! And am loving it!

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