Back in Kyoto, Japan! Onsen and Vegetarian Food in Arashiyama

Kyoto is one of the best places to visit in Japan! My favourite to travel to in Kyoto is Arashiyama because there are so many things to see and do and a lot of must …


  1. Vegan is justice❤️

  2. Sammy from Alabamy

    Oh yes, a Vegan and Vegetarian site, my cup of tea. Thanks for showing us the food options.

  3. OMG.I love this video.

  4. please vegan nazi go to temples.
    especially Hieizan(shiga pref.) or Kouyasan(wakayama pref.)
    they have very strictly rules.
    you can eat lots of grass.

  5. (100%日本人だが)京都の商売人凄い。ベジタリアン向けのコロッケ券売機、とか(可能性ある市場は根こそぎ行くねん)って感じ・・これなら高校生でもお婆ちゃんでも客逃さないで商売できるもんね。 しっかし一個百円で開発費回収できるのだろうか?

    As a 100% Native Japanese in Tokyo area, I were rather surprised with Kyoto Peoples passion for Sales activities.
    Vegetable only Croquette for Vegetarian (with ticket sales machine). The vending machine informed us a passion of Kyoto people, never escape the potential customer, who once passing through m just like a talented fisherman throwing a net to the street. haha
    But afraid how many Croquette to be sold before the investment cost to be returned.

  6. The cucumber in that store is delicious!

  7. Angelina Borys

    What was the cucumber looking thing on a stick?

  8. Glad you and your Mum are having fun on your mother-daughter getaway. I love Kyoto but way too many tourists nowadays.

  9. The weather around Kyoto-Shiga was so cold for Spring. One of my professors said this was the coldest Spring he has experienced, and he has been living in Japan for more than 20 years.

  10. Shinkansen is the best, and Ekiben is the cherry on top for high-speed rail travel in Japan! BUT that tofu rice at Okunoniwa looks really good! I might have to try and make that.

  11. michio tumuraya

    Both cherry blossoms and you are beautiful

  12. Beautifully pictured and well edited video! At 8:58 the veggie tempra was a lotus root, that is delicious^^

  13. Pallavi Tiwari

    nice video….

  14. 5:03 Did you receive money?

  15. Greek Orthodox Vlogger

    Interesting food, beautiful place, like the vlog my friend.

  16. Thankyou for sharing im from Australia and vegan and dream to travel to japan one day <3

  17. I always enjoy your videos you take us to so many nice places, Does your Mom like Japan? Have a lovely weekend ( Judy )

  18. Wonderful trip!

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