Avial (Aviyal) – South Indian Vegetarian Recipes

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  1. Basically, avial is a dish made  with left over vegetables, a drum stick here, a carrot there, a potato here, and so there is no hard and fast rule about which vegetable to use, or not to use, of course, being a dish from Kerala, coconut is absolutely mandatory, otherwise, you can use pretty much any vegetable available locally, and for the calorie conscious, all these are vegetables, low in calories, with lots of fibre for the constipated, and the diabetics,and being freshly made and consumed, is all the more appreciated by the health conscious, so good eating !!!!

  2. One or two mistakes, I think, onions are not usually used, and also you have missed asafoetida powder, but you have highlighted the fact that minimal water is to be used, thats good,otherwise the whole thing becomes too runny, and fluid

  3. coconut paste should be coarse, also not sure if curry leaves without roasting in oil would taste better

  4. In kerala we have differnt variations in making avial…we also add tamirind juice insted of curd…we add sour curd to it…but curd gets even more sour as time goes on…tats y tamirind juice is added…and that coconut oil…omg…!!!!

  5. hey let me try this hope it turn good for me yummy

  6. Sudhakala Kasibhatla

    I love all your recipes you make these things so much fun. Is that coconut oil edible ? just one question.

  7. Hi .. A small suggestion ..for those who dont know , you add green peas and double beans … they add great flavour and drumsticks if one likes.

  8. you need to add curd at the end before u add coconut oil to this recipe.

  9. @showmethecurry

    cocuonut should not be fine grinded, coarse is the way to go

  10. ShowMeTheCurry.com

    We always see hot and sour soup with chicken but have never seen or tried it with spare rib tips. If you try it out, please let us know how it comes out :).

  11. good job :)


  13. ShowMeTheCurry.com

    Thanks so much! :)

  14. Hetal- I love ur dress and the way u accessorized it….Avial looks good too:)

  15. ShowMeTheCurry.com

    @AD1248 : we did do our research and found that there are way too many ways of making aviyal.. who would be correct? who is authentic?
    And like you said "aviyel differ in various parts of Kerala"…

  16. ShowMeTheCurry.com

    Guess it must be an acquired (or personal) taste because we absolutely LOVE the flavor of coconut oil. Of course, it works only for certain dishes (can't imagine palak paneer made with coconut oil). ;)

  17. tthey sell winter melon in chinese markets too and whole also makes great soup :)

  18. Hi . . The coconut oil u used i use on my hair so it also can be used as cooking oil??

  19. local lolakutty…..LOL…..even mentioning the name bring a hearty laugh….but hey ladies, this recipe was well placed at the right time for Onam.

    Wish you both A VERY HAPPY ONAM and all the best for many more videos to come to make our festivities a bit more flavorful…

    as you both say…..adding a pinch of spice to ur life….thanks and keep the good work….take care..

  20. I love (and prepare) sambar (and rasam) often…one of my favorite Indian foods. I know the SMtC recipe. Very good. In fact, I've tried MANY of the SMtC recipes. I watch all the videos. They're excellent

  21. ShowMeTheCurry.com

    We have a video for Sambar. Please check our website ShowMeTheCurry (dot) com.

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