Authentic Non-Vegetarian Food in Bangalore – Part 1 | Non Veg Food in Bengaluru

Non-vegetarian lover in Bangalore ? You would absolutely love this video! Join us , as we explore some of the authentic non vegetarian restaurants in Bengaluru. Be it Andhra style non-vegetarian…


  1. TGF - The Guiding Factor

    Please do like/share/comment and if not already done – do subscribe. We have tried to put many restaurants that serve wonderful non-vegetarian food in Bangalore. We are not done yet – there would be more – in Part 2 of the video!! So if you feel we have missed something, do let us know!

  2. I don't eat non veg
    yes we do exist in Bengaluru
    plz do make a video on veg restaurants

  3. Rajanna hotel from KHB colony
    Maruthi Miltiary hotel from rajaginagar

  4. hi himanshi are you Vegetarian right, you never eat non Veg for all your videos its cute

  5. the most precious person in this world who makes biryani is our own mom.. I don't think any TDH can ever make or will make it ..

  6. Sorry to say all those places are overrated. You need proper food guide.

  7. Hi himanshi thank you for the video. The font of the text shown in red is too small…the locality name is almost not visible…

  8. Roadside small hotel taste is far better than nandhini

  9. Awesome…

  10. The quality
    The edit
    The anchoring
    Everything is so amazing that I'm addicted to this channel. Keep on making videos and make our mouth watery!

  11. Nice video

  12. I would suggest to leave a zomato/google link of the restaurants in the description so that one can explore more about them.

  13. Ms Himanshi Verma doesn't seen tasting any of these Non veg delicacies which brings me to a conclusion that she is vegan.. 😉

  14. sennaian praveen

    Really tempting

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