Asparagus Pasta Recipe- (Vegetarian) BenjiManTV

Asparagus Pasta Recipe- (Vegetarian) Subscribe 4 Food- Follow my Instagram- …


  1. i very very want to eat that and is hope me on my channel

  2. hey, your channel is amazing
    this is awesome.
    Lve it!

  3. That looks delicious. Thanks Benji!

  4. Thanks benji. This looks super tasty and easy to recreate!:) cant wait to make this at home

  5. Elin Gómez Ronzón

    Wow, love this, simple yet looks ultra tasty.

  6. Separate**

  7. Wow it looks so good. I’m going to going to make these ASAP. Thanks for the recipe

  8. I'm definitely going to try this

  9. Is it me or all your videos are super low volume? Looks good tho.

  10. I'm not vegetarian or vegan but this looks so delish!!!! Thanks!

  11. I bought fresh asparagus last night, making this tonight. Thanks Benji ✌️❤️

  12. Hey benji ! I'm not vegetarian or vegan either but I was wondering if u saw the documentary named "What the health" on netflix where they talk about dairy products and meat. I would've loved to know your thoughts on it!

  13. Kusuma Mylavarapu

    Try indian dish benji please

  14. Not Just Another Drey

    Thank you Benji! Really love all your recipes!

  15. I could smell that garlic sauteeing just by hearing that sound. I will most definitely be making this soon.

  16. Wow love this you accomodate everyone! Can't wait to try this! Thanks benji! More veg recipes!

  17. I love the sound effects when your prepping the ingredients. Nothing more satisfying in life lol

  18. Priyanka Pathak

    Aha … Finally Vegetarian Recipe, Thank you Benji !!
    More Vegetarian recipes please.

  19. Johnson Family Farmstead

    Thanks Benji ♥️♥️

  20. hey benji when u gonna do a vegan dish?

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