[Ask Hyojin] Being a vegetarian in Korea – Kerri’s experience

Vegetarianism (채식 주의) is a relatively new concept for a lot of people in Korea. Even though it is changing and more and more people have learned about …


  1. pizza comes with pickles!

  2. i don't eat meat but i couldn't live without ramen haha. once i get an apartment i can make my own mushroom broths but for now…Rip

  3. Aathmika Mahasenan

    thank you because also I am a pure veg

  4. How about now? Three years or so later, vegetarianism any easier than before? Vegetarian pizzas any easier to come by? ㅋㅋ

  5. Rakshitha Gangur

    this was so helpful.

  6. So I'm vegetarian, but I'm also gluten and say intolerant so I wouldn't be able to eat the soy based foods. Are there many gluten free and soy free foods in Korea? I really want to visit Korea someday and maybe even move there in the future, but I do need to be able to eat food that doesn't give me a stomach ache

  7. thanks I'm not the only one eating broth

  8. Suga kookies With jams

    It's not ahimsa, its ahinsa (non-violence). I know cuz it's a hindi word and I'm an Indian myself

  9. So if you're vegan you are screwed 🙁

  10. But what if you're vegan though? :O I'm allergic to animal proteins but in diet that basically means I'm vegan. Fish ain't too bad though so I think I'm going to not bother about fish oils or broths but things like egg and milk are bad: I'll get sick without exception.

  11. What i never heard of meat based pizza sauce. Do they have that in other countries too?

  12. I'm very skeptical when it comes to Korean side dishes, because they might contain various fish sauces like Kimchi does, for example 🙁 And when you say "take out" the meat it's not very clear what they'll do with your food… I wouldn't want any meat/fish or broth or anything that has something to do with meat/fish touch my food. So the simple phrase "take out" might be a little too ambiguous.

  13. snowWHITErabbit97

    I'm Korean and I was born and raised here.I think more people should be enlightened and go vegan. For their health, animals and for the mother nature. I don't have eggs, milk, fish, meat or any products came from animals in my diet after I watched 'Earthlings'. Veganism is not just about diet, it's about lifestyle that we all should follow. Everyone should at least watch 'Earthlings' and face the reality. Your pork belly or cheese do not come from happy green farm nor are they obtained 'humanely'.

  14. I'm a vegetarian, and although I live in America a lot of the foods I eat are Korean. Jajangmyun, omurice (with no meat or eggs), naengmyun, sangchu ssam, and kimbap (without meat/seafood/eggs) are common meals for me 😀 I generally just buy the ingredients I want at the local Korean store and make the meals myself at home though. Super tasty~

  15. Might be a new concept (at least back then), but it will spread.  Trust me, when people see the benefits of a vegetarian diet or even a semi one, more people will adapt to it.  Thank you for this.  I want to visit Korea in the next year.

  16. When I first moved to Korea, I told the ajumma at the restaurant (in Korean)I am a vegetarian, I don'eat meat. She brought out a dish with pork! I then pulled out my pocket dictionary and showed the word for animal. And said, I don'eat animals. She was like "ohhh" and got chopsticks and started picking out the pork bits. By now I was dying of laughter and so was she! I told her not to worry and I fixed my meal up. Funny just thinking about it now. 🙂

  17. Why is vegetarianism a 'new concept' in Korea. Buddhism spread there over 500 years ago. 

    I'm quite disappointed actually. I thought I had close cultural similarities to countries like Korea and Japan like I do with China. Unfortunately its probably easier to be a vegetarian in Western countries, countries with no eastern religious traditions.

    I mean, look at Kerri. She's forced to drink soup with anchovies!!

  18. i really dont like people calling themselves vegetarians and say that they sometimes eat something that has meat in it …

  19. Michelle Thefreeone

    Thank you Kerri, I'm vegetarian too and I was wondering about how I would survive … learning Korean is definitely key. I also subscribed to your channel too.

  20. such bullshit! i live in Seoul and speak  korean and is still difficult as fuck to get vegetarian food

  21. This is super helpful!  Heading to Seoul next week and was worried about how easy it would be to eat veg there.  This put my mind at ease. 

    Having to explain that I'm vegetarian is sort of intimidating.  I'll probably just tell people I'm Buddhist, that sounds easier!

  22. In Seoul there a LOT of vegetarian restaurants xD

  23. one thing you guys forgot to mention:
    in korea, red meat (beef, pork) is prized because it's pretty expensive there.
    that's why koreans always eat so much meat when they visit north america or europe. that is one of the reasons why vegetarianism is not so common…

  24. kerri….naengmyun is so NOT vegetarian. the broth is made from beef or pheasant….reconsider next time…?

  25. This is wonderful!! I'm vegetarian and I eventually want to teach in South Korea as well. There are also some vegan Youtubers as well: CharlyCheer and The TravelingKimchi. Check 'em out if you don't know about them! ^_^

  26. Thank you so much, I just came across this video and god I was so lucky! The next year I'm planning to visit South Korea and thanks to you I have some places where I can go and eat peacefully! 🙂
    Now I even know what to say! I'm so relieved!
    Thank you so much! Love you guys! ❤️

  27. pleeeease make one for Vegans?! ^__^

  28. I am just about like you. I am not overly strict but I am vegetarian. I love the soups and noodles but I don't do meat especially pork, chicken. Actually Korean food surrounds around lots of vegetables and therefore known to be healthy. I am surprised you guys talk as if it's the opposite.

  29. How are the animals used for meat typically treated in Korea? Are slaughterhouses common or is farm raised / humanely killed meat more common? I think this would helpful to know for people who are willing to be more liberal with what they eat to avoid extra hassle / miscommunication when ordering food in Korea.

  30. Any tips for people who are okay with seafood, but not any other meat (aka pescetarian)? How do I explain that in Korean?

  31. I live in Seoul and I've been a vegetarian for 4 years here. As you guys said in the video, many Korean people are a bit ignorant about vegetarianism and unfriendly to vegetarians. So, obviously, being a vegetarian here has not always been easy. Thanks for making this video and I hope more people get to know about the topic with it.

  32. Hyojin, please tell us how you upkeep your hair. It looks healthy and gorgeous!

  33. Thanks Kerri. I'm a pescatarian (yeah I know) but this was really helpful. I visit Korea a couple of times a year to make theatre and, well, I don't think I'm as brave as you. You venture into these meat places and, without being able to say much, I'm always a bit intimidated but you've suggested some great ideas. And so patiently! Thanks.

  34. I have become vegeterian recently. it really is a very nice way of living, and I love Korean cuisines and I make some dishes with out meat too

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