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This is all the AWESOME vegan food we bought at the asian market! We picked up some really cool stuff like YUMMY vegan nuggets and also some weird stuff like vegan fish! BUY OUR COOKBOOK:…


  1. Asia is at least hundreds of years ahead of the west when it comes to vegan food. One time I had vegan Mandarin duck made by Buddhist monks, it had a meat layer, a fat layer and a crispy skin layer. At that point I had 10 years of veganism under my belt and I still had to ask them to double check to make sure it wasn't animal. Crazy!

  2. In Buddhism, the five pungent vegetables include: onions, garlic, chives, green onions and leeks. It's believed that they should be avoided by young monks in training because they contain high amounts of diallyl disulfide which can cause one to become irritable and less able to concentrate during meditation.

  3. You are my actual biological parents thank you for being there for me, and of course teaching me how to E A T

  4. STOP I need to go to Toronto wtf I’m allergic to garlic and onion this is my dream restaurant I can eat EVERYTHINGGGG omg

  5. Put the “shrimp” in etoufee, jambalaya or a simple “creole” of okra and tomatoes with onion, garlic and hot sauce or Tony Chachere’s creole seasoning.

    Mardi Gras is February 13th this year.
    Laissez les bontemps roullez!

  6. Love red bean sweet buns. Similar to filled mochi cakes in Japan. So good!

  7. I LOVE vegan fish. It's nothing like salmon but depending on how you cook it, might be reminiscent to fish slices cooked chinese style. To me it's just a completely new taste and texture that is so yummy. Try it stir fried with a black pepper or sambal sauce! P.S. don't microwave the steamed red bean buns without a damp paper towel covering it because it will get dry. Best is to steam it 🙂

  8. Why no onions and garlic actually just because of the strong smell. Smelly breath is considered to be inappropriate to get into sacred places and it bothers to get to the state of void. But I know so many buddhists who eat onions and garlic, even meat or fish (you know they suppose not to "kill"). It's all depends on kind of Buddhism you believe.

  9. Falafelzebub's Den of Vegan Iniquity

    Some folk avoid onions and garlic because they inflame worldly passions.

  10. Hi Candice if I'm a vegetarian do I have to eat fake meat can I eat bean instead of fake meat

  11. That microphone was exciting! LOL! Can you please do some Instant Pot videos?

  12. my boyfriend got me your cookbook for my birthday!! Love it!

  13. This comes late, but, Congrats, you two! Also, thanks for doing this because so many vegans, especially the noobs, have no idea that their local Asian grocery can be an excellent vegan resource. When the Northwest Territory-level chill finally lifts next week, I'll go to my local Asian grocery and look for some of these things : )

  14. It is a mochi!!! Your green tea cake.

  15. Heh, my sis and I just went last night to the T&T market last night here in Edmonton, a classic packed full of everything Asian market, where I picked up stuff to make vegan gyoza, sesame mochi with the best black sesame paste I've ever tasted, and copious amounts of black fungus and wakame. Enjoy your delishiousness <3

  16. Y'all are the best! Your cookbook is on my wish list! (ya know, the wish list of stuff you have to buy yourself lol)

  17. Doggies!!!!

  18. There is some discussion in the world about Buddhists not eating onion or garlic or 'Five Acrid and Strong-smelling Vegetables/wǔ xīn. Are they Buddhist or Jain?

  19. jarringcreations

    Shrimp tacos Sonoran style!!!

  20. The green tea rice cakes are mochi! a lot of times in western grocery stores they are filled with ice cream.

  21. Why no onions and garlic? I've got to find out!

  22. That looks soooooo good!!

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