Andhra Recipes – Cauliflower Aloo Tomato Koora (Curry) – Indian Telugu Vegetarian Food

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    బయట దేశంలో ఉన్న వారి చాలా మచిది

  2. Krishna Kumari D M

    I love your recipes. All the recipes r just like my mother in law's food

  3. gayatriji congo.i tired some of ur dishes. turned out well. thanks for ur recipes.

  4. You're making me hungry!!! Add me to the "who would dislike this?" camp.

  5. Aunty ji, please give me some of this delicious looking curry 😛 I am very hungry!

  6. that's a lot of cilantro

  7. It looks like a delicious side dish, but would it be ok to add lamb to this recipe, for us meat eaters?

  8. She's talking in her own language as well as some english subtitles, everything else is self explanatory.

  9. Why is everyone asking for the meat?? It clearly says Vegetarian, not all currys have meat in them and besides many sub contintent people who are hindu do not eat meat.
    My mother has made this for me once and believe me it's delicious.

  10. I could smell it when you added the tomatoes

  11. thank you 🙂
    i like it
    and there is English writings on the pictures

  12. Why are all your videos listed with English titles, when they're not in English? Also, you seem to have forgotten the meat. Meat is delicious. Yum yum yum. That is all.

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