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  1. omg puggle?! I have a puggle too!

  2. can you please name the ingredients of eggplant hummus? I'd like to do it by myself. thanks in advance!

  3. Amazing video! 🙂 I know the struggles all too well as im on my very own weightloss journey! Feel free to take a look at my channel if youd like! Just subbed to you and would love if you do the same xx

  4. this is my kind of eating! Thanks Hannah for sharring this. could you let us know, on an ideal day such as this, additinally how much physical activity you are getting in? thanks again

  5. Tiffany Simionescu

    I just wanted to say thank you for posting your videos. I have been following the RT4 approach from Freelee for awhile now and have not only gained weight, but was having a hard time making the scale budge for months. By watching a few of your videos and following some of the tips, the scale and inches have finally started to go down! I'm so happy! I almost gave up being a vegan. Because of you, that's not going to happen. Thank you so much!

  6. How do you feel about inflammation caused by foods? For me, if I eat that much sugar and white carbs, it hurts my joints. Couldn't we do brown rice, quinoa instead of white rice? And does your blood sugar not spike after the dinner of just potatoes? Maybe I'm just sensitive or something…

  7. thanks for sharing this is really good info

  8. isn't 5 bananas in 1 day too much?

  9. How could someone eat 1 kg of potatoes in one sitting?

  10. oh I'm no sure if i could eat so many potatoes!!!

  11. Okay maybe I missed it, but where was your protein? Any kind of protein, like meat or vegan options, is extremely important for your body to function correctly.

  12. What is with the potato and rice? Lol I was always told to stay away from starches…

  13. no protein?

  14. I'm honestly very curious about this so please don't judge me lol but does your dog also eat no meat or dairy either? I know a lot of dog food contains some animal products

  15. I'm wondering if, in order to be able to eat things such as 1 kilo of potatoes, you have to work out a lot.

    I've lost 10 lbs. eating clean w/out exercise, but I'm thinking of switching to eating more starches like potatoes and rice… Would eating that amount of starch cause a sig. weight gain if I don't exercise often at all? (I just walk everywhere, but no planned exercise.) Sorry if you get this question a lot!

  16. It's incredible how after 2 weeks of eating like this, you crave clean eating, eating whole foods. I'm incredibly lucky to find this lifestyle at age 15 and now almost 18. There's so much variety in what we eat, and again, I'm so lucky to have to have found a community who promotes clean eating/ living

  17. Love the sayings at the end of your videos, but this one especially hit home!

  18. I lost sooo much weight following your videos. 40 lbs to be exact and I've gained 20 back by eating shitty foods. Time to get back on my potato grind

  19. I just started watching your videos tonight and realized its almost 1 a.m. here on the east coast where I I love yer videos and want to lose weight also as well as be healthy. I just tried to join 2 of your groups on facebook. Please approve me .. cant wait.. thx

  20. can i still eat pussy?

  21. I can't do smoothies for breakfast; they barely keep me full for an hour; is there something else I could do?

  22. high carbs af….

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