Open Me For All The Tea Sorry for the rant at the beginning of this video! What are your thoughts on this? YOUNOW …


  1. i definitely wouldnt be suprised if someone requested for amy to watch kpop because its super popular and people are obsessed. im a kpop fan and people are always requesting random youtubers to watch it. However I don't subscribe to her because she bores me

  2. I've never really enjoyed mukbang vids before but I appreciate that even though you are talking while eating, you don't smack and chew with your mouth open.

  3. I've never been a subscriber, but I watched Amy more when Tammy was with her. She seems so sweet and I really feel sad for her quality of life. Amy…I don't know. She has a nasty attitude and I'm bored even with the "train wreck" aspect to it. I do wish her well in life. I couldn't let myself live like that- not in any sense of how she currently lives.

  4. I'm not even vegetarian, but I swear the only way to have pad Thai is with tofu and extra veggies. I'm starving now lol.

  5. Amy is a shameless, thieving sociopath who scammed a single mother with terminal cancer of her money, lied about the fact the woman donated even when the woman provided proof, refused to refund the woman's money and then publicly accused her of being the scammer. This woman just wanted her money back so she could have one last nice Christmas with her children who were going to be left without either parent (Dad died some years back). Sadly that selfless, compassionate woman passed away yesterday and her children are devastated. Now having to deal with making arrangements for their Mom through their grief, they are being harassed by Amy's minions who are blaming them because Amy is supposedly suicidal. She cries suicide every time she gets called on her shit, publicly playing victim in an attempt to detract her minions from the truth of what she did. She is fine, had no trouble uploading videos today. I'm sorry Nick, but there should be no good for her congrats on 60,000 subscribers.

  6. Amy is boring to me and very rude.
    Her sister Tammy is so funny and sweet though. I'd actually watch Tammy cuz she's so nice. Amy is just blah though. Ppl watch her for a fetish or to make fun of her I think.

  7. I honestly think Amy is trolling is sh*t out of us.

  8. what is she doing on Facebook

  9. I think we have different standards of eye puffiness. You literally have no observable eye puffiness.

  10. that pad thai looks so good

  11. Awww please go get Biscuit, he needs cuddles….

  12. I love thai! I dont really understand how people can watch Amy Slaton, her videos do nothing for me. Only sat thru a few… if anything it makes me sad for her but apparently she scams people by lying about dead relatives? If that is true then why isnt any of the drama channels doing their in depth investigations? Investigate that, not the marketing practices of make up over and over again.

  13. Lol I don't know who tf Amy slayton is but I'm pretty sure she's not lying…. I'm a kpop fan if you can tell from my picture thingy and kpop fans tend to ask youtubers to react to kpop a Lot these days, since kpop is so popular now

  14. Ugh…. I love your videos, except these types! Why do them!?

  15. I will always love this videos….Love you Nick…

  16. To be honest, I'm not sure Amy has ever "tried" She always baffles me…I honestly can't decipher whether or not she's really that slow or if she's some evil genius…

  17. Thumbsnails keep getting better. Are you having some kind of competition with someone? I love it.

  18. i dont know how i got here, or who he is. but dammmmmmmmmmn hes fine. ill watch him eat and talk about people i dont know any day

  19. Lmao we New Yorkers aren't all rude lol don't worry

  20. It has to be performance art, please oh please let it be.

  21. You are the only mukbang I can actually watch because you chew politely with your mouth closed. Thank you! Also that food looks delicious.

  22. I love this guy =)

  23. Hi Nick. Im a bit confused. I ask while on Periscope when r u moving to NY or something regarding your NY move & you said who said Im moving to NY! You now mentioned this is your apt? No shade? Not from me?

  24. Recreate an Amy look again! Twisty hair look was the besssst!

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