Americans Try Indian Food (Vegetarian)

We ate some vegi indian food! #IndianFood #Hajmola THANKS SO MUCH TO OUR EXTRA JUICY PATREON SUPPORTERS HANOZ NAVDAR Be a patron for …




  2. I think you guys really loved it

  3. In India no one eats biriyani by putting it inside naan. It isn't a burrito.

  4. Rick is good going or enjoy all things

  5. More tastier in india

  6. Anitha Sureshkumar

    Shashir panner is cashu popiseeds and full creme with millions they will do

  7. Michah and Alexis! Are they twins… they look very similar…

  8. Anitha Sureshkumar

    Vegetables karma made by all vegetables with coconut milk

  9. Anitha Sureshkumar

    Brother when you eat with hand it is good for health.and waill eating you should sit in down on earth

  10. Streaker streaks

    What you would love is a simple boneless butter chicken curry with some tandoori rotis and a few butter naans, hajmola is crap btw…

  11. Idiots having rice wid naam…wtf .. atleast do a little research before eating

  12. Next time try idaly, masala dosa and south indian food.

  13. Not eat naan with rice this is wrong

  14. shridhar menasannavar

    Guys u eating it wrong way .u have to eat butter masala. paneer masala with roti or butter nun..or chapati not mix rice

  15. Behenchod Naan ko Veg biryaani mein laga ke kaun khaata hai?!!

  16. shib shankar Lodh

    Brothers , nan and rice is not eaten together… Never

  17. ᖴ丅ᗯリチャード

    who the fuck recommended hajmola??!

  18. Others are curries, dal is pulse

  19. I like Ricksegall he is very intelligent

  20. And the clubs are called paneer

  21. In biriyani, the rice is not fried.. The process is different. So no its not Indian fried rice

  22. It’s not tofu, it’s paneer. So dishes are shahi paneer and Matar(pea) paneer. Paneer is an Indian cheese, all natural without any enzyme or synthetic thing.

  23. biriyani+sahi paneer+naan. biggest crossover so far.

  24. Mix the sous1/2 green or 1 sweet sous

  25. All hail queen Ashley

  26. Ask any Indian friend how to eat gulab jamoon with syrup. Then comment on that.

  27. Slight correction. Indians eat with their hands. It's only RIGHT hand. The other hand is for washing bums.

  28. Paneer is not tofu its cottage cheese. Dal is kind of thick lentil soup.

  29. Don't worry not all of us like gulab jamun

  30. We use hands that doesn't mean we had no spoon, but we use hands becoz it helps to know the temperature of the food and also hand represents that this human body is made of five elements which is heat, matter, water, air and space.
    And oh researchers proved that if you eat with your hands then it helps to digest also.

  31. First time you had real Indian foods. Before this you tried Indian snacks but It wasn't, because chips, drink etc is first made by you people which is very harmful for health. Indian snacks is Samosa, jalebi, kachori etc not chips, cola, kurkure, mango drinks.
    We drink real mango juice made in front of our eyes.

  32. You wanna watch the BEST dance video of the millennium…watch Dola Re Dola from Devdas. PLEEEEEEEASE

  33. Loved this ..they really love food.. the three in the middle made it a mission to eat everything as fast as possible.. true foody.. more review from real food lovers

  34. 4:36 that's not tofu. That's Paneer aka cottage cheese.

  35. No you never eat Biryani with nan. And thoes are not clums they are called panner. Made by clotting milk.

  36. plz watch bhool bhulaiya trailer..i ll attach the link
    ( hope u ll like it

  37. i am shocked to know that there are living beings on earth who do not like gulab jamun…

  38. Don't keep Hajmola at one place on your tongue..Thats why you don't like it , The best way toh eat it "Keep moving the Hajmola tablet through your mouth by the help of your tongue. If you keep it at one place after few seconds will start getting burning feeling at that particular place .. So keep moving Hajmola tablet in your mouth according to the comfort of your tongue and mouth…

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