Amazing Vegetarian Chili

Vegetarian chili for folks who don’t think they’ll like vegetarian chili! It’s pretty damn tasty, and easy to make, too; once you’ve chopped up the ingredients, you’re …


  1. Perfect every time!

  2. Came out really well ! Thank you for sharing !

  3. Sissy Chili ROCKS handlebars man!

  4. nice job it is vey yummy we tried it.

  5. I eat pigs

  6. Michelle Sunshinestar

    I made some tonight. Its a keeper. Thank you so much!! I have two dinner's worth now. I'm getting a muscle biopsy tomorrow, and I needed something I can eat with one hand. I will be i a sling for 48 hours. It's an outpatient surgery. To find out why my muscles are weak.

  7. Love your VIDEOS, super entertaining. This looks so good! I cant wait to make it for my family. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Very entertaining video and the chili looks delicious!

  9. Made it!! Thank you so much. Watching the video was super entertaining too :))

  10. Call me a sissy! This was wonderful! Thank you!

  11. love it making some now.

  12. looks so yummy, I got to try this recipe. luv that stove

  13. You are so funny and I love the food you make!! Enjoying watching your videos! Thanks for making them!

  14. Thank you yummy

  15. I made this after I tried your cauliflower pizza (which was a winner).  This chili came out really good!  I've been showing coworkers your videos, good stuff man!  Keep up the good work!

  16. lmao how is there not a million views this is gold

  17. I'm going to try and win this girls heart by making her this because she is a vegetarian

  18. Just made it and it was so good. Thanks for the recipe!

  19. Hey Buck! this is my go-to recipe for chili now. Made a big pot last night. Keep it up brother!

  20. I laughed so much with this video. You did a great job showing me a recipe and entertaining me as well. So, thank you for that. ♥

  21. I use potato instead of squash or zucchini :D

  22. Was that a jalapeno or serrano pepper?

  23. can you roast the meal with water?
    i don't use oil anymore because ifen cold-pressed olives oil could be heated.

    and for myself without salt but salt is not that unhealthy as oil is 🙂

    and by the way, a really great meal, thank you for showing this to us (Y)

  24. great job! chili is great with quinoa and rice!

  25. Would you recommend this recipe to be a hit for meat eaters? (:

  26. thanks we have a chili cook of contest at school

  27. question what if instead of water you add the water from the beans?

  28. Kristina Venegas

    I just found your channel!! So awesome you are your wife are amazing and funny!!! Best channel by far!

  29. I wish I could share a picture, I just made it and it's awesome!!! I didn't think I'd like the chickpeas but they're good and I added black beans. Video was great , chefs attitude made me try this recipe, fun videos and easy !!

  30. I never thought I would laugh during a recipe video XD awesome recipe btw!

  31. Good recipe Chef Buck …

    PS : This with chunks of Soy ( sorry i do not know what they are called)  tastes sooooooooooo good  . . .

  32. I'm a new veggie so I am going to try this recipe for sure, Man I miss meat!

  33. Made this yesterday and it was delicious! Instead of chick peas, I used 2 cans of pinto beans. Will be eating this through out the week! Thanks for sharing! 

  34. Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (Joyful Vegan)

    Really liked your video!

  35. I love your voice!

  36. Dennis Gilpatrick

    It's hard being a vegetarian in South Texas ( the home of fajitas and Bar-B-Q) but this recipe gives me the strength to carry on.

  37. Couple of questions:
    Can I add corn?
    Is it okay to use black beans instead of kidney beans?
    How long do you wait before adding more ingredients? I wasn't sure about the timing on that throughout the video.

    Thanks for posting! Looks delicious!

  38. This looks absolutely amazing.  I'm going to put this together tonight and not going to tell the family there's no meat.

  39. this looks pretty darn tasty Chef!

  40. Clifford Steiner

    Hi Chef Buck….just finished cooking your wonderful Chili for the first time…tastes great! Thank you for spending your valuable time making the video to teach us how it's made!

  41. I'm going to make this recipe for a chili cook off. It's for my daughters school:):) 

  42. dude you're awesome lol, where have you been all my YouTube life

  43. Your channel is awesome! Best cooking channel I've found. I made the vegetarian chili and the pesto pasta so far. Love them both.

  44. I substituted dry beans for canned beans added an extra onion and extra zucchini, and it came out great. I absolutely love this recipe! 

  45. Sydney Silver Show

    Great Vids, keep up the good work

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