Rajdhani is currently having a set menu on Mango called as #aamlicious till 15th June 2017. The best way to relish Mango delicacies. Rajdhani, The Vegetarian Thali Restaurant which is the flagship…


  1. I have been to this place 2 wks ago.Highly overrated thali.I felt as if I was cheated for Rs.1000(for both of us)

  2. I have visited this place and i dont find it good
    As m sweet lover the staff cudnt stop being miser
    Try to make me wait and bring all sweets late
    I will never visit here again

  3. Where is this place

  4. Energink tattoo piercing

    tks am hungry now.

  5. Address bro

  6. where it is? I mean hotel

  7. No taste analysis, what r the items there, what is special
    Nothing you have said
    Why to show staff for long time
    Describe something

  8. You will work for free or you will die.

  9. Best Hindu Culturel Resturent

  10. Hindus treat Poor very badly… They look down on POOR people… RETARD Hindus.

  11. Hi +Street Byte, I have been watching all your food videos, I like your enthusiasm to bring the different food items to the viewers. Your video taking and editing skills have got improved a lot. Only suggestion I would like to give is that, make sure you enjoy the food and let the people know the same through your words and expression, make it more impressive when you eat a delicious food, please look at the " +The Food Ranger " and " +Mark Wiens " youtube channel, those are one of the best food channels you can take as a reference. All the best! keep going!

  12. Rajdhani chain is not as good as it was when it started operations. Food has become more bland and unpalatable. It only looks good.

  13. Hemant Kumar Arya

    Thali ka rate kya hai

  14. yekkada undi? location

  15. i hav authentic restaurent in wch many vlogers r cmng to shoot i would love u to come n hav ur new authentic contain

  16. Street byte plz calme 8208578197

  17. Cant those guys wait till the food is being served. So ill mannered

  18. which music

  19. Chandrakant Makwana

    Food looks yummy what is the surity that it is prepared in clean facility.

  20. their located in Mumbai

  21. what's is the address of this amchilas hotel

  22. not exciting man. very ordinary and biring

  23. what happened to that diet u said your following in recommendation of Doctor? Looks no improvement? or did u notice weight loss

  24. everything is awesome except the Bgm.

  25. Googlie Googlinkty

    sure best…………restaurant with class & tradition………….OMG! no crowd here so clean………so YUM YUM FOOD

  26. been here on April 05,2017 .. you can't eat whole plate.. they charge 499rs all inclusive taxes .. decent restaurant

  27. varun chakravarthy

    Bhai .. also plz visit 'VEG THAZA THINDIE' adjacent to JALAVIHAR…

  28. Awesome Food .. Thanks for Updating this.. Eagerly waiting for few more Videos .. Keep Up the good work

  29. 15 June 2017 but it's still April bro

  30. this restaurant address

  31. level 1 uptown banjara hills road number 3 opposite Dr. Reddy labs Hyderabad telengana

  32. Definitely will give a try. where are other branches in India?

  33. bro u guys r going well keep it ip

  34. please mention address also

  35. MisterBassBoost

    Nice! Please keep going, one day you make it big


    yae restaurant kaha hae

  37. that's king size food hmmmm yummy

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