Video Powered by : Video Shot at Mumbai – Muhammad Ali Road.


  1. Nonveg is always hell rascal

  2. mahikanth reddy

    Cholesterol ,Blood pressure , Diarrhoea , Heart attack wow what a combination!!!

  3. Hydrabadi biryani k bare me koi kuch ulta sidha bolta tho goli maar deta mai

  4. Where is sahil restaurant Located…. ??

  5. Bro plz.. Give perfect information where is it in mumbai plz.. I want to go I am your subscriber

  6. Name of.hotel..??


    Show the price of that food

  8. Abe ghochu, Mahmadali rd PE Kahan?dhangse add bhi dene nahi ata kya? to video kyu banaya Zakmarneke liye?

  9. Can you post hyderabadi street food ….

  10. Very nice love it.. Agar kahte huye bhi batate toh aur maza aata… N u knw i watched a lot of food videos but mein like bauth kamm krta hun unko.. Apki iss video ko mein like liya hai

  11. Honestly speaking Nothing comes close to Hyderabad food bro..

  12. jaganmohan reddy

    mumbai,the innovation hub of street food,nice video thank you

  13. Brother- you guys release a video once a week and it’s length hardly 10 mins, you guys need to do multi locations in same video

  14. khurasani noushad

    Our weekend spot, m a road when I was there.

  15. Malli Hyd vedios eppudoo

  16. Did you eat that Biryani? Was it good?

  17. Pakistani Street Food

    mouthwatering yummy

  18. Thammudu East or West Hyderabad is always the best. I've been to Mumbai Delhi Punjab Amritsar Jaipur kerala tamilnadu karnataka. But the dishes we have in hyderabad are alot tastier. So my title doesn't justifies. I love their food too. But I crave for food when I'm out of hyderabad. Many friends of mine from Mumbai and other states come to hyderabad and they love our food then theirs. So Hyderabad Is Hyderabad whether its veg or non .

  19. Kandi Saicharan

    Inka eani rojulu baiha Mumbai trip

  20. Must tell.prices plz

  21. Another awesome video by u

  22. Sarfaraz Nawaz

    it is ok but
    east or west our hyderabdi nizami food is the best


    Any landmark to reach this place as I stay nearby only but could not locate it

  24. Video antha sudden ga finish chesav enti bro

  25. kishore vuppala

    Very nice pro

  26. Your vedios are clean and neat without over buzz…good work …keep going…good luck.

  27. Please come to Bangalore sir

  28. Nice Teja bro

  29. Like mee

  30. 1 St comment

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