Amaranth Rice-Thotakura Rice-Vegan, Diabetic & Weight Loss Recipe

Delicious Amaranth rice is a vegan, diabetic and weight loss recipe. Text recipe…. Website… …


  1. Very nice recipe, am going to try it

  2. telugu vaarila unnaru chakkagaa telugu lo cheppochu kada aunty…..english lo cheppina telugu lo matladinattu undi…

  3. can we use ginger garlic paste instead of garlic ??

  4. Vrnkateshwarrao pittla


  5. Nice and healthy, thanks 🙂

  6. Padmini Krishnan

    Brown rice means Kerala rice Matt a rice

  7. SasiRekhas Kitchen

    Try this diabetic and weight loss recipe, Amaranth rice and give me your feedback.

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