Am I Vegan ??? Vegetarian Dinner Ideas | High Protein Vegan Recipe

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  1. looks good man!

  2. Muscle Mind Connection (M.M.C.)

    good cooking video brotha

  3. Phat Boy Fitness Journey Vlogs

    I love hummus.. Vegan burritos were pretty good, I used them for a treat or a change in diet while doing vegan for about 3 months myself. The majority of my meals were beans, rice & asparagus lol… I always go too strict i think, but I like simplicity! Great vid bro & food looks awesome!

  4. What a great recipe man, I loved how you showed the whole process of the preparation. Those wraps looked absolutely delicious. keep it up Andriy

  5. hey loving your videos!! also thank you so much for promoting veganism to the world, btw I just subscribed as a little support! hope you could do the same, sending you warm hugs from Croatia :)

  6. Mark's Fitness Lifestyle

    Thanks for the recipe mate. will defineitly

  7. Hi cool vlog and recipe! This wraps looks super yummy ;)

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  9. They definitely look good! Enjoyed watching.

  10. That Wrap looks delicious man! I can clearly see the new quality of your new camera than the one that you used before! keep going!

  11. Beans are so good. I eat them everyday. Nice meal brother.

  12. Nice man! Good idea will make these as snacks!

  13. notification gang

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