Aloo Wrap Recipe In Hindi by Indian Food Made Easy

Aloo wrap recipe in hindi by indian food made easy. we were looking to make some vegan recipes, probably some snack. and we all know potato snacks …


  1. mera rooza h aur me aaj he es recipe ko zarur try karugi thanks mam

  2. yr so tastyy so good nd delicious recipie

  3. Bahot achi recipe hai mai try zarur karungi

  4. Aahhmmm tastii tastii.. Love to eat them

  5. Wrap banate samay ye phate ga to nahi?

  6. so fatty

  7. Very nice ..but mam y bhut heavy to h kane m??

  8. AmRa Vivah- The Bonding Of Two Souls

    nice n simple

  9. yummy

  10. Hmmmmm tasty

  11. Anjali creation

    very tasty

  12. mai bnai hu bhot mehant lgta h isme uff

  13. potato is my favrt… this recipii is dfrnt n super….ur explaination is also tooo gud

  14. Roti wale tawe pr bna skte hain

  15. Yummy!!!

  16. Wow very nice

  17. RASAKKOOTTU Namitha's Kitchen


  18. not unique…its dosa i think

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  20. Separate boil potatoes we can take

  21. yummy

  22. Sanju Rana Rana

    Ingredients Ka nam tho btha do

  23. Tasty food and Baby care

    wow very tasty recipe

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