Aloo Posto Recipe—Tips and Tricks—Easy and Quick Bengali Vegetarian Recipe

Alu posto is a classic Bengali dish. Sparing in its use of spices, this preparation relies on the flavours of potatoes, green chillies and nigella seeds for its taste.


  1. Khub valo. Bheje korini kokhono.korbo

  2. Beautiful Place Vlogger Susmita

    Posto Bora recipe it's my request…plz

  3. Susmita susmita

    Please do a recipe of beulir dal…

  4. ভালোবাসার আরেক নাম : আলু পোস্তো।

  5. Debdatta Sikdar

    Waho aloo posto is my favourite dish.

  6. Sanjiban Ghoshal

    I have been following ur posts. Most of them are great. But i have to completely disagree with ur alu posto recipe. Bengalis dont cook alu posto that looks like that. If someday i get time i will get to u my video.

  7. Ahaaaaa

  8. I have never seen this but will definitely give it a try because it's so easy and quick. thanks so much

  9. We don't use onion in posto aloo

  10. Subhra's Kitchen

    Darun.khub lovoniyo.amader shabar favourite

  11. Which brand of grinder u used to make posto paste? I m from sfo so it will be very useful if you tell me about the brand so that I can have one

  12. আমার ছুরি দিয়ে আলু কাটলে লোহা মনে হয়
    আর বং ইটস এ আলু কাটে মনে হয় মাখন

  13. Any bangal ghoti version difference? We always had this peak summer with beuli daal and aamer chutney.

  14. Want to know about ur knife

  15. Who doesn't love aloo posto! I'm at home foe a fortnight and I've been eating it almost everyday. We don't put onions and dry red chillies in ours also more posto and fewer aloos

  16. Tomader video gulo khub helpful. Chitol mach er muitha sekhabe please?

  17. Debasis Sadhukhan

    Wish if it was served with biulir dal. In my taste, I can extract the maximum from aluposto with biulir dal.

  18. Moumita Chakraborty

    Alur chop ar recipe share Korun..amar vison valo lege apnar sob recipe

  19. I love aloo posto! Its one of the traditional Bengali recipes, which I cannot keep my hands off!!

  20. Ashadhoron

  21. Yum..but we get posto mixed with suji in delhi…milawat..

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