Aloo Gobi Recipe – Indian Vegetarian Food

Aloo Gobi (Potatoes & Cauliflower) Recipe – Aloo gobi, also spelled alu gobi or aloo gobhi, is a dry Indian, Nepali and Pakistani cuisine vegetarian dish made …


  1. Amisha Patel taught me how to make my first sabji!!! Yes!!!

  2. yeah we made it thank you mam

  3. Feed Your Soul TV

    Cool Video! Check out my show for healthy cooking recipes if you get a chance! Thank You

  4. M.adnan yaseen M.adnan yaseen

    Nice face

  5. easy dish , going try tommorrow

  6. Subhojeet Majumdar

    Try some kasuri methi. it will taste better

  7. Hey thanks looks really easy ,gonna try soon

  8. hey u nice n beautiful. luk like amisha patel.
    so sweet of u. lovely…

  9. you are very cute as your recipe !!!

  10. hey you look like amisha patel wow

  11. thanks….the recipe was perfect n provided gr8 taste..

  12. Hey, Thanks!! So glad you liked it!! Do SUBSCRIBE to my channel readysteadyeat for a new delicious recipe every tuesday & Friday!!

  13. I am not a regular Cook or something but. the way you showed was great.
    i quickly got the idea what has to be done…
    Thank Alot .. !!! 🙂

  14. WOW! Thanks for sharing! Im sure this is the easiest recipe there is!. Do SUBSCRIBE to readysteadyeat for more such delicious recipes in easy to make methods!

  15. WOW Danielle. You made my day! Thank you so so much for the lovely comment. Do SUBSCRIBE to readysteadyeat for more such delicious recipes in easy to make methods!

  16. Danielle Bluestone

    excellent meal. Wow! I made butter garlic naan to go with the aloo gobi from your recipes. You are the best!!! yum!

  17. Asaphoetida is a sulphurous, onion-smelling spice used in Indian cooking. It has an onion-garlic like flavor. So I guess you can substitute it with onion-garlic powder 🙂 Thanks for your lovely feedback and query. Do try it out and let me know how you like it. Also, SUBSCRIBE to readysteadyeat for more such amazing recipes!!

  18. Already Subscribed.

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  20. God's Chosen Child

    This looks so delicious!!! What is asafetida, what if I cant find it? What if I cant find mango powder either… :(? HELP PEASE 🙂

  21. Decicious…. Loved Your Recipe….. and Editing.. 🙂

  22. Thank you so much lovely 🙂 You are an encouraging friend indeed..xx keep watching!!

  23. very nice recipe kanak..although i have eaten gobhi aloo since childhood but never knew people add asfoetida in my home nobody adds it..thnks for the info..btw kanak your top looks lovely..not only gobhi aloo attracted me bbut your green top too..hhahahha

  24. Thanks Neil. You will surely find these spices at any Indian store. Thanks for appreciating. Keep writing in.. 🙂

  25. That looks delicious Kanak. You use spices I've never hear of. Great reicpe. Thanks. Neil

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