Aachis Biryani Kadai – Dindigul – Tasty Non Vegetarian Food In Dindigul

Aachis Biryani Kadai – Dindigul – An Eatery In Dindigul Serving Fantastic Non Veg Food Google Maps Location Link …


  1. Waiters supera explains pandraru antha mathiri hotels la saptanum pola irukkum…

  2. Bro Kandipa naanum andhra chicken tha vangirupen

  3. bro Thanjavur sadhars restaurant which is located near maharaja silks…. try pannunga bro…
    great food taste

  4. super

  5. MultiRajaganesh

    Arumai sagho

  6. Bertrand Horne

    Wow great food with good ambience, price is also reasonable. I have a question for you. You seem to be traveling every weekend. But actually where are you based? I hope you are from Trichy. Are you?

  7. Wow ill defiantly visit there on my next Dindigul visit.
    good one bro going great.

  8. Thank you for this video, this remind me my school days i used to have my lunch in this hotel while going back to hostel after my vacation , please try VENU briyani in Dindigul

  9. நேரடியாக உணவு வகைகளை காட்டி வரவழைப்பது சிறிய வித்தியாசம். நன்று!

  10. reginald villanueva

    lots of food…same taste….same ingredients….

  11. Umashankar Marimuthu

    Hi ji, Thanks for sharing interesting place at Dindigul.

    The way they are showing the prepared items will give clear idea of what to order.

    Is White rice complementary with Briyani? Whats the Briyani price

  12. Anbu rajarathinam

    Thoothukudi irukira " Alwar night club hotel " review kudunga

  13. Hi sir….Plzs Go to Absolute barbeque (T nagar)….THANKS

  14. Crab masala was good

  15. Prakash Abinath

    Aachis…..I love this place…. every one in Dindigul are saying that thalapakkatti is best or Venu briyani is best……but aachis is a unsung hero….

  16. i'm ready to move in hehe

  17. enga eallama nalla erukkum..

  18. Srilakshmi Ravi

    We are eagerly waiting for Yur Chennai arraival….

  19. உணவு வகைகளின் அளவு அதிகமாகவும் உள்ளது வாழ்த்துக்கள் நண்பரே

  20. Business Tamizha

    First comment

  21. 1st Like

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