A WEEK OF VEGAN LUNCHES | Super Easy Recipes!

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  1. OMG. You fucking love potatoes

  2. Great great great recipes!!!

  3. Wow I'm so happy I finally found a vegan chanel that fits my apetite size… I used to feel scared of vegetarian/veganism because it is always connected to low carb diets and bird apetites, but your chanel is a blessing!!

  4. Thank u for sharing this, what great lunches!! May I ask what brand of nutrional yeast u recommend? I'm going to have to order it, as I cannot find it anywhere near me. Thank u.

  5. Love all of these lunches! Subscribed!

  6. Food looks amazing. I will be rolling if I eat so much. I am very short

  7. Are these recipes for one serving? One tin of beans or lentils plus 3 gigantic potatoes in one meal? How do you fit it in??

  8. this all looks so BOMB!

  9. These recipes look amazing. Thank you x

  10. Holy shit the Tuesday sandwich. Omggg.

  11. This is the first video of yours i've come across and i loved it! Aesthetically pleasing, unique recipes and fantastic editing! Subscribed for more :)! Vegan love from the UK!

  12. Omg that bean and potato on Sunday looks amazing!! 😀

  13. aintthatthetruth

    Yeah, but white bread (at the beginning of video)? Is it sourdough?

  14. All of these look delicious!! Can't wait to make the first one with all of those mashed potatoes!!

  15. these look soo bomb!

  16. Exaclty the inspiration I need, easy meals with no strong spices. Too bad avocado is so fucking expensive, I really can't afford it 🙁

  17. I eat half of these portions and walk or run every day. Your metabolism is crazy…

  18. ethereal intoxicated canary

    Finally someone with normal food portions! I felt so weird when looking around youtube. everyone eats like a bird!

  19. goodness gracious, please come cook for me! Everything looks absolutely delicious! Would love if you put your photos/recipes on Pinterest! Would probably bring lots more followers to your YouTube channel too!

  20. Rebecca Bradshaw

    Where did you get the vegan bocconcini from?

  21. I absolutely love all these recipes and your videos is their anyway you could do a video thats not as many carbs?

  22. what is nutritional yeast? does it taste good or does it have nice nutritional values and where do you buy that

  23. omg are you in aus

  24. Your intro and outro music is too loud compared to the middle

  25. Your meals are amazing. New subscriber here

  26. Souzanna Thornton

    Amanda i just have to say oh my goodness. The chickpea sandwich has become my favourite thing to eat.. i make my own mayo and love this one. Thank you so much.

  27. Yessss!!! Greattt Vegan choices/meals

  28. Michelle Geaaney

    These look amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!

  29. Thank you for your recipes! As it's getting colder in Australia I'm just not in the mood to cook and I can't handle cold smoothies anymore!

  30. Very nice video and meals. But the music for your intro and your voiceover has a HUGE gap in volume. please pay attention to that next time. its downright painful for the ears

  31. Okay, I watched 3 seconds of this video and instantly subscribed. Your recipes look so good!

  32. i love these meals but howly cow those portions are huuuge! if i would eat that you would be able to roll me around haha. Lucky you!

  33. Holy that potato mountain is beautiful!!!!

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