A week of vegan food using only a microwave (w/ prices!)

hello and thanks RECIPES I USED: potato salad: https://www.thissavoryvegan.com/vegan-potato-salad/ mac n cheese: …


  1. Stephane Mathurin

    The Quorn products have rehydrated egg whites I tried them once too

  2. I use a microwave safe plastic bag for cooking sweet potatoes!

  3. Excellent video and food. I don't use a microwave but rather a mini oven and always make my meals from whole plants foods rather than processed products. Have a good Sunday everyone.

  4. bandana waddle dee

    This some big brain shit

  5. This is such a great video. Thank you!

  6. i'm a vegan college student living in a dorm so this was really helpful :')

  7. A week of radiating your food and slowly damaging your internal organs (verified by scientific literature)

  8. Exactly what i was thinkng, on a heatlhy scale you look more like a peanut butter jar than a cucumber. Body can not lie.

  9. I get upset when mine goes limp immediately too

  10. freeze your green onion!! it lasts forever and u can use it way more lol

  11. Dude, this is the most helpful video i've ever seen. Thank you so much for this!!

  12. Wow love this. Wish I had this when I was microwaving spaghetti in my dorm microwave!

  13. Omg that brown minute rice never cooks right for me either!! It’s always under or over cooked and I always put the correct amounts of water/rice!!

  14. this is so great but HOW is 1/2 an amy's soup 13 cents???

  15. Microwaves cause brain cancer.

  16. can you please do an alkaline vegan video??

  17. love the video very much
    but how is a can of Amy's soup only $0.26

  18. is it common for student halls in america to not have communal kitchens?

  19. you missed editing out some of your gasps and they're really funny lol

  20. when she pulled out the matzo i screamed, millenial students are literally going back to using biblical poverty food

  21. We Stan a lazy queen (I am also a student, did not mean this in a mean way, I love this it’s so cool)

  22. what about the spice of life

  23. Love matzo! I never thought to make avocado toast on it! Definitely gonna try it soon

  24. How did you grow out your bangs so fast?

  25. This is such a good video idea!! I was in a dorm last year and I was literally a microwave chef

  26. How is a can of Amy's soup only 0.26$?!? Here a can is 4$!

  27. yes queen back at it again with wholesome content and making me hungry at 1am!!! 1!1!

  28. There’s a microwaveable bag you can put sweet potatoes in and they come out perfect. The bag is made from fabric so it’s reusable.

  29. oh my glob ive missed u so much!!!!!

  30. Dude I was literally just thinking yesterday I wish there was a video on only microwaved food

  31. i wish i had your video on this topic five years ago when we moved in to that house and had only microwave.

  32. as a vegan college student, this was HELLA helpful. thank you!

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