A WEEK OF VEGAN DINNERS | Easy & Delicious Recipes!

Hello my friends! Thankyou so much for watching, recipes are detailed below 🙂 1. Chickpea & Sundried Tomato Salad – 1 x can of chickpeas, washed and mixed …


  1. Thank you so much beautiful work !

  2. Caroline Carbuloni

    your videos are amazing, congrats, Amanda

  3. thanks for sharing, Amanda! It all looks great and so inspiring! <3

  4. Haha I could easily eat sweet potato every day! And that lentil meatball sandwich is totally calling my name – will be giving it a go soon for sure 🙂

  5. Emely hernandez

    you deserve more subscribers

  6. yaaaaas omg

  7. Nourished Naturally

    What are you working as on a Thursday night?

  8. I wonder…. if you have to have ground flax seeds to get the benefits does toasting them bring out the nutrients rather than grinding them?

  9. woohoo, what amazing recipes!

  10. Tidy tots but Mom’s not

    The gnocchi and the sausage rolls! Yum!

  11. this was the best vegan video i have honestly ever seen! amazing new ideas! love love love this thank you

  12. Nadia Noemi Cardozo

    i really love your cooking: simple and deliciuos. I always take the best ideas from here 🙂

  13. i love ll your videos. obviously because all your recipies are great, but also because you make me feel like i could have a good relationship with food if i learned to see it like you do. Thank you for shearing them with us.

  14. Thank you for the easy and delicious recipes. I have to try the gnocchi Thank you for putting the ingredients in the description box too. Love it.

  15. Wow that lentil ball sandwich looks killer

  16. thanks for sharing youre recipes:)
    ive been rly enjoying youre videos lately, i guess we have a rather similar taste^-^

  17. OMG they look sooo good!!! Thank you for this video

  18. YESSSSSSS❤️❤️ I’m totally trying the sausage rolls tomorrow!

  19. Marcella Renata

    You & naturallystefanie is literally my fave vegan yters !! ❤️❤️

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