A Week of Vegan Breakfasts while travelling

Here’s another week of vegan food, this time mostly breakfasts. I went and explored amazing vegan places in Sydney and Barcelona. Vegan Grilled Cheese …


  1. I so gotta go here

  2. Oh how I miss the shift eatery, how good is the grilled cheese!

  3. Where do you meet all those people? Ur amazing…

  4. Omg the toastie

  5. So happy you've been in Barcelona. Next time come to Madrid <3

  6. omg you were in my city!!! Sant antoni cafe vegano is amazing

  7. I agree, GiGi's pizza is THE BEST!!!

  8. I know that it's about vegan recipes but girl you have an amazing eyes! <3

  9. ¡Hola! ^.^

  10. Blitzschweif &Co

    Weezer!!! I’m currently so obsessed with this song

  11. Evolution of Masha

    I truly love your travel videos. Gives me wanderlust. All the food looked amazing but dang those empanadas…..yum! On a cold day, I bet they were perfection.

  12. Leftover Pizza for breakfast soo relateable hahaha

  13. nothing important

    Your Barcelona shots gave me so much wanderlust aaa

  14. I love Santoni Barcelona and Maoz! If you come again, you might want to know that this kind small, cheap supermarkets are the most expensive ones. It's worth going to a real supermarket or a fruit shop.

  15. Killer food and music

  16. Hi! Could you help me with something? can I use a song that you used without problems of copyright? Sorry for the inconveniences, you're great and i love your videos! <3

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