A Week of Vegan Breakfasts!

I filmed what I ate for breakfast for one week! Hope you can get some inspiration from these easy, mostly healthy, quick and lazy vegan food ideas 🙂 I’ll have the measurements to some of…


  1. love these series! thanks dear

  2. I'd like to see a recipe video for the crepes 🙂

  3. These crepes look amazing!thanks for the inspiration!;)

  4. EnneSicksTeaPhore

    yes crepe me hard please

  5. Hi, nur ein kleiner Tipp, wenn du die Leinsamen vor dem Verzehr mahlst, dann kannst du die Nährstoffe besser aufnehmen. Du machst wirklich tolle Videos, ich freue mich immer wenn ein neues raus kommt. Danke für deine Mühe

  6. Yes crepes!!

  7. I love ❤️ how create your are…..

  8. Paeng (Ramida) Wisuidumpawn

    I love your food ideas, definitely going to try them out. But..I need a little advice here. I'm a 14 year old Thai girl. I went vegan amount a month ago because I watched Earthlings and felt terrible. Although my parents are very supportive of my want of going vegan, they think it's not the right time. We go out to vegan restaurants every now and then, but they want me to go back to eating meat. I'm going to be an exchange student and I'm going to Germany in 4 months to live with a host for 10 months, and there's a good chance my host isn't going to be vegan. My parents don't want me to be a burden to their family in terms of eating, so they told me to just eat meat and become vegan when I come home from the 10 months spent abroad. I really don't want to eat meat. I feel so alone. None of my family of friends can relate to me. What do I do?

  9. The Discount Vegan

    I had no idea you could peel a mango like that!

  10. Only 8 seconds and I already love the aesthetics in this videooooo!!!

  11. Super random but what brands of yogurt and non dairy milk do you use? Is it possible to order it online. I haven't found a non dairy yogurt that I like in the states.

  12. Looks delicious!
    Cooking is as beautiful as painting every time ..

  13. Crepes crepes holy crepes pleeeaase!!! <3

  14. love love love your videos

  15. Yes for the Crepe recipe!!

  16. Yes!! Those crepes look so bomb

  17. Crepes? Uumm… yeah!!!!

  18. We have Lidl's here in America and I'm so obsessed with the store!! also the crepe with chocolate on top looked AMAZING!!!

  19. Everything looks super delicious… breakfast might be my favourite meal of the day, even though I eat fruits and oatmeal pretty much all the time. 😀

  20. Sebastian Wintour

    I love your channel so much! Recently made your black bean brownies and they were soo nice – tried to show you on IG but you're hard to get – anyways, keep it up, really appreciate your videos :>

  21. YES!! Crêpes recipe please ❤️

  22. Kind of garbage that you have to promise that your hands are clean because of clean freaks leaving shitty comments on your videos about you using your hands. It's not just your videos but just about any cooking video where the person uses their hands.
    People are such freaks about that, honestly we have had hands for thousands of years before we had tools and honestly tools don't always do the job right.
    I don't know how they live their life so paranoid about using their hands for food prep…

  23. I’ve never had dates, what do they taste like?

  24. Very interesting ideas, thank you!

  25. I love all your receipes especially breakfasts love them. Ive tried a lot of receipes all delicious thank you xx

  26. As a french person, your crepes seems way too thick

  27. honey lavender bakery

    vegan crepes! 😀

  28. Hey, how do you motivate yourself to eat heathy and be vegan?

  29. Omg definitely needed this for meal prep! Definitely do the crepe video!

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