A Week of Healthy Lunch Ideas for Back to School! | Aspyn Ovard

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  1. 0:18 lol

  2. In my opinion I don't these are heathy enough considering that I have a salad and blueberries every day for lunch. But I liked the video

  3. Lol

  4. I have the same box ❤️

  5. what song in 1:17?

  6. #awesome Supergirls

    I like Friday recipe

  7. Jesslyn Cleodette Buenaventura

    3:46 what song???

  8. I do want to know what is this song

  9. Ashleigh Gilleland

    Where is your lunchbox from!!1

  10. plzzzz what's the song in the beginning???

  11. you remind me of Emma Roberts a little

  12. 1.40 – won't the apple go brown ???

  13. I am form TURKEY ❤

  14. it's so satisfying to watch these videos

  15. thursday and Friday is my fav

  16. am in college and i started to take lunch boxes with me since this week cuz my colleges food is so not healthy but most student love to go out for lunch but it so expensive lol
    i loved ur ideas going to try all of them next week

  17. ‫الدمعة الحمراء الحمراء‬‎

    تستاهلين أكثر من مليونين متابعتك من العراق باي LOVE YOU BYE

  18. never watch this if you are hunger

  19. they showed one of your videos at my school last week for grade nine day

  20. Leyla Shakhmanova

    Boo nasty

  21. when she put the jelly over it.. i think i lost a little trust

  22. Cluedo the Jack Russell

    You look healthy to!

  23. Samantha Williams

    Congrats on almost 3 mil!

  24. Fifth harmony aaaaay

  25. But It's Turkish yoghurt

  26. Can you please do a vegan lunch idea video?!?

  27. clumsyunicorngymnast and minecraftgamer

    these look totally rad but I'm to lazy to get anything but oreos.

  28. I watch this exactly 2 years later and so much has changed omg

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