A Week of Breakfasts

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  1. Watching this whilst eating porridge 🙂

  2. what granola did u use? everything looks sooo delicious

  3. wow your weekly grocery bill must be so expensive! Looks so good though!

  4. I’m a very unhealthy person but that avocado toast got me qUaKiNg

  5. you all make it look so easy 🙁

  6. That is a beautiful kitchen! Very pleasing video to watch 🙂

  7. I think that many ingredients there arent in my country 🙁

  8. is this white people breakfast

  9. Micaela Fernandes

    This is perfect. Loved the videooo

  10. Your passion and love for food shines through in all your videos and makes me want to cook/eat/share such vibrant healthful food! Much Love to the both of you Xx

  11. Again, watching to be inspired

  12. What brand of sourdough did you buy in Aus?

  13. Stop Saying Literally

    I’ll have a helping of the pretentious crap please.

  14. watching this is sort of therapy

  15. every morning I eat egg with tomato called menemen in Turkey what a vision

  16. So it looks like that's frozen berries as oatmeal toppings, correct? Maybe I need to try that out.

  17. this footage is just amazing.

  18. this was beautifully created

  19. Love the astethic of this video!

  20. very aesthetically pleasing and I'm loving the beautiful Neil Young cover in the beginning oh my gosh

  21. This was incredible

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