A Week in my WiLd life | NYC, vegan food & my Venezuelan family

A week in my lil NYC life & a peek into the traditions of my Venezuelan family! Love, knowingness & truth babyyy. A lot of clips in this vlog I’m super mellow …


  1. Where is your crystal earring from?? I love it!

  2. this entire video was just so amazing, so comforting and inspiring and relatable

  3. thank you so much for sharing about your family and your feelings around them, i've had similar struggles with all of that fear as well around them and this was really helpful and i dont feel so alone

  4. DEFINITELY MORE… !! live in light and love.. blessings.

  5. I hope that you can continue to strengthen your bond with your family throughout time 🙂

  6. I have so much love for u Hitomi may this new resolution of the earth be filled with blessings

  7. omg hallaca yassssss hahaha.
    This video made me so happyyyy

  8. Thank you for sharing, I truly understand what you mean when you mentioned going back to places that you lived in during a negative time in your life, it's only in the past couple of years I can go back to my mums and not get triggered in my childhood bedroom due to the suicidal thought, eating disorder and depression I struggled with during my teen years

  9. The Strokes aahh ♡


  11. Oh my God! I am Venezuelan too

  12. when I watch your videos I can literally feel the good energy comin' through my screen.

  13. the talk about your family situation, i can relate <3

  14. thank youu so much for this video <33

  15. the strokes AND king krule??? ugh yES loveee

  16. I always feel good watching your videos! Thank you thank you for being <3 lots of love

  17. where is your necklace from? <3

  18. you are so original! also,​ your videos are really calming

  19. Te veo y te sigo desde España,desde el principio de tu canal, y me encantan tus videos!!! Sobretodo los Vlogs! me ayuda mucho Que seas tan abierta y compartas tus luces y sombras! Feliz año!!!! Sigue así! Te mando mucho amor:)

  20. IS THE GUY WHO ASKED FOR AN IPHONE CHARGER NAMED DAVE?!? he was at my Christmas but lives in NY!!!

  21. CookTorials Channel

    Hi Hitomi can you do a yoga video for begginers?

  22. i didnt kno u were Venezuelan ! as a latina i feel so much more connected to u now <3

  23. Can you talk about hormone imbalance and period? Do you have any issues? I really enjoy your vlogs.

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