A Healthy, Low Calorie, Vegetarian Lunch With Raiken Fitness

Start losing weight and shed those pounds with this healthy vegetarian meal I have prepared today. This meal is quick, easy and simple to make! Enjoy!!! Please …


  1. Too many carbs, too many carbs = body fat. Get your carbs from fruits and veggies, stay away from potatoes and carrots, too much starch. Keep your sodium intake below 2500 mg a day.  Sodium makes you retain water and raises your blood pressure 🙂 

  2. It sure does look good, but couscous creeps me out!

  3. Steve, way to go! I watch your videos religiously! Thanks for helping us out in two different yet very constructive ways. Aloha, and have a great weekend!
    ~Joe (Hawaiian Odysseus on HubPages)

  4. I have to admit, it did look really good! A man that cooks? I love it! Come to my house please! haha..
    Can I make some suggestions?
    Couscous excellent source of good carbs!
    switch the peas for beans. Pick the beans with the most protein. That could be your source of protein in a vegetarian meal. Switch the white potatoes for sweet potatoes with the skin. Sweet potatoes have a TON of vitamins! Just my thoughts =)

  5. what do you recommend for breakfast?

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