A day in the life (vegan food & updates)

A day in the life! Makeup, vegan recipes, errands around London. Hope you enjoy this weeks video! PRE-ORDER MY COOK BOOK! With over 100 of my recipes …


  1. I would love to get the recipes for what you cooked!!!! I am so excited for your cookbook!! You are so talented and have an awesome personality!! So happy I found your channel!!!!

  2. Cathy Lynn Pietranton

    Hi Rachel really enjoyed this video and you take us long through your day congratulations again on your book

  3. Yes, please post the recipe.

  4. You’re awesome. Yes please we would like the recipe

  5. Love ya channel

  6. Heghineh Cooking Show

    Your meal looks delicious! Loved this video, and thanks for giving us Americans a look into London 🙂


  8. The transition from your cooking video to these is TOO SLEEK!!!!!!!

  9. I'm not a vegan but I am totally going to make that vegan bolognese!

  10. Definitely make that breakfast for dinner tonight!!

  11. Purple Sunflower

    Rachel "Lass" you are stunning you don't need make-up..I am using "The Ordinary…..This has brought tears to my eyes…….Rachel s passions for food and now she is being rewarded for her love of Vegan Food !

  12. do your eyes get used to cutting onions the more you do it? If I were to cut onions twice in one day I am fairly sure my eyeballs would fall out of my head.

  13. Excellent video & recipe's from a UK based vegan. We need more UK based vegan YouTubers.

  14. Sometimes the videos are a bit dark, but I always love watching.

  15. Hey Rachel. can you recommend skincare and general hygiene brands that are vegan and don't test on animals?

  16. Congrats to you, Rachel! Love Love Love that you've got a cook book coming!

  17. Yes please we want these two recipes

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