9 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss

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  1. Not just weight loss just good food

  2. None of these recipes will promote weight loss. Except the mostly egg one,
    There are just too many carbohydrates in the recipes.
    See carbs digest to glucose/sugar. And insulin’s job is to store glucose away in your fat cells and organs if necessary.
    Cut out the potatoes, bread, oats and then you have more if a meal that isn’t headed to glucose overload that insulin will pack away in your liver and fat cells.
    Man we are this stupid?

  3. Look at the cholesterol on the first one

  4. I discovered and subscribed to your channel just a few days ago, my only regret is not finding you guys sooner. Love these recipes, excellent healthy choices all around. Thank You!

  5. Do you have a link for the knife you use

  6. I really do love the fact that most of these meals you make are gluten-free. It gets boring eating the same thing when you have celiac's disease

  7. Onion and garlic for breakfast? Then, go to work and smell like hell? It's a NO NO

  8. Much needed video!!thanks a million

  9. 철이네밥상 Cheol`s Dining Table

    It loooks amazing!!

  10. Angie Macchione

    What brand skillet is that? I want one.

  11. Ljupkina kuhinjica

    Wonderful ideas

  12. I know oatmeal has a lot of carbs but is that if you eat only a single serving it will be 17carbs for the Blueberry Protein Muffins ?

  13. Now I demand for weight gain

  14. These look delicious!!

  15. that’s a lot for a breakfast i think

  16. Malika Kherroubi

    Amazing. ..could you make kitogenic recipes?

  17. Annastazia Goodwin

    They look more like lunch material to me :/

  18. Thuvaraka Mahenthiran

    I will try the berry + green protein smoothie, almond butter strawberry sandwich and egg muffins for breakfast.

  19. I m french i like you

  20. Ah the classic cutting board

  21. Hi I like your videos, they really helped me loose weight! By can you make some recipes that has eggplants in them? They are healthy and I really like them but they aren’t really used in your recipes. Thanks anyways for your videos!

  22. awesome and tasty and even healthy reciepes

  23. How are most of these even supposed to be for weight loss? Just because everything is made of healthy ingredients (most of them), doesn't mean it's low calorie. For example, you could've totally skipped the honey and the second slice of bread for the almond butter sandwich.

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