8 Easy, Healthy VEGAN Sandwiches for Lunch Under 500 Calories

8 Back to School Vegan Sandwiches, plant based recipes – none of the animal all of the flavor! You can have a sandwich for breakfast , lunch, and dinner!


  1. am i considered a cannibal if i eat this cuz im an omnivore

  2. Thank you! Awesome video!! 🙂

  3. These look really good….

  4. Cant wait to eat these! Going to shop for the ingredients this evening. Thank you for the list and demo!

  5. Every single one of your videos is GENIUS….

  6. These look like they'd go great with meat in the middle, imma try em with chicken and salmon 🙂

  7. This whole video ridiculous. No human eats food like this. Put some cheese smoked turkey. I dont agree with this woman.

  8. I love the way this is filmed. It's so pleasing to watch.

  9. Beautiful ideas! You inspired me to make my own video on vegan snacks. Will be coming soon! Congrats on the creativity.

  10. ALL of these sandwiches are AWESOME. I'm having the Mediterranean veggie sandwich for lunch today. I had the veggie sandwich yesterday…..to die for!!

  11. Agave is so bad for you. I'd look into it before you continue use.

  12. I am making the Mediterranean tomorrow!

  13. The irony when you see a dairy commercial right before this

  14. Vegan sandwiches are probably the best thing in the world

  15. do u wash the lettuce?

  16. Omg I looooove your channel! ❤️

  17. Yum! I will be making these this weekend!!! Perfect lunches to take to work.

  18. thank you for including the protein amount, which often gets neglected 🙂

  19. This is kind of amazing. As a vegetarian I didnt know what kind of sanwiches to make besides veggie and PBJ. These all looked so yum. Your editing is so good. Can;t believe you only have 308 subbies. That'll probably change soon. I subbed, you're great! Videos arn't too long also but not too short. Lol, i should stop now.

  20. One of the most helpful vegan food videos I've seen! I'm obsessed with sandwiches and I fell off the vegan wagon because of how much weight I was gaining (I clearly did not do enough research on what to eat and what to minimize, went off the notion of I can eat anything and not gain weight!). Sandwiches are my favorite thing ever and this gave me some inspiration to keep going and get myself back on track. Thank you! <3

  21. super cute vid! thanks for the ideas, its hard to find some new vegan sandwich recipes on youtube!

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