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  1. Contact the Almond Dream company, just Google them to make contact. Often times companies will listen to consumers.

  2. 75 vegan makeup products

  3. 75 quick vegan snacks to bring with you to class/work! 🙂

  4. 75 vegan foods that can be used as well as beauty products/self care 🙂

  5. I work at McDonald’s and actually the McDonald’s fries in the US are fried in vegetable oil

  6. she asked me to comment so….

  7. Just started vegan, been watching your videos all day!!

  8. Oh no! I ate the almond dream bites too! Can’t believe they’d make a vegan ice cream to dip it in dairy wtf

  9. 75 of your favorite vegan / cruelty free beauty & hygiene products !

  10. Gelatin does not always mean gummy.

  11. I'm new Zealand our MacDonalds fries and buns are vegan

  12. Dont expect anything. Do your research.

  13. Gelatin is a protein and it’s used to solidify food products. Also be careful because some personal care and cosmetics use it as well.

  14. Thanks for all the dedication

  15. As someone who is new to not being able to eat dairy. (Sudden allergy/intolerance) this is very helpful.

  16. at least for the peanuts, the gelatin is supposedly used to help the salt/seasonings stick to the nuts. agreed though most of these things still seem very unnecessary!!

  17. Candy corn is disgusting

  18. loved it

  19. this was WILD thank u for this information

  20. Cereal. The cereal got me. I am so so so so pissed. We literally just bought some.

  21. if anyone knows of a vegan candy corn let a girl know!! ive been searching for one for yrs but cant find one

  22. I'm a mexican vegan, also ask if the horchatas, mangonadas, flour torillas, and pan dulce have milk or eggs :/ honestly, a lot of mexican recipes can easily be vegan if they didn't add those weird animal products in them. same can be easily said about asian recipes. The struggle

  23. 75 WORST vegan alternatives

  24. Also the Lays Regular Salt and Vinegar are vegan, but the Lays Kettle Cooked Salt and Vinegar are not vegan!

  25. So the take away from all this is…. read the label.

  26. Lanolin isn't wool, it's a secretion wooly animals make

  27. Barnivore.com and app for alcohol, many bartenders now have the app. Would be great if the US products use the vegan and vegetarian symbols on them. I wasn't surprised by any of them. Nice video.

  28. Almond dream bites make me so mad wow—they really don’t make that clear at all

  29. The Minnesota store McDonalds uses Canola oil for the fries. Actually I’ve never heard of beef oil being used at McDonalds.

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