7 Recipes You Can Make In 5 Minutes

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  1. Make more veg dishes please

  2. Put cheese all over your food and everything's gonna be gooooooddd

  3. Akuma_FemaleDevil

    You gave no instructions on how to make the mozzarella sticks-

  4. I'm trying Mac n cheese

  5. the mac and cheese took me 15 mins

  6. Zainab Siddiqui

    this is srslyy shit i tried the mac and cheese and i kept the macaroni in the micro oven for 5 mins but it still wasnt cooked properly and idk why the microwave was full with water

  7. Guys just tried the Mac n cheese and it is so yum firstly u should microwave it for 3 mins and it will kind of smell like wheat and then if u start adding the other ingredients it will be very tasty and yes I added oregano and some whole kernel corns and if u r adding cheese slices then u would need 2 slices

  8. Definitely gonna try Mac n cheese becuz I have all the stuff lying around

  9. fuck u guys i tried the mac n cheese it tastes like garbage

  10. Natalia Carrillo

    PLEASE DO NOT DO THE CHEESECAKE WITHOUT A PARENT LOOKING OVER!!! — I tried to make the cheesecake and almost burned the kitchen down. I was doing well until I got to the microwave part. I warmed it up in bits for 45 seconds (as it says) I was on my last 45 seconds until in the corner of my eye I saw smoke. Smoke was coming from the microwave. It smelt so bad. Thank god the fire alarms didn't go off. I was shocked to see that this channel with 8.4 million subscribers can make something look easy hen its not. For future references have a parent look over the recipe before you do it yourself. This can happen to you too, or quite worse…

  11. when you don't own a microwave 🙁

  12. Ur food is not healthy ..always using the microwave.

  13. My family does not use microwaves but I have a toaster oven does it work the same?

  14. Ok the Mac and cheese didn't taste terrible but making it was terrible. I had to put in the microwave for more than 8 minutes (it's still wasnt completely cooked). It also overflowed in the microwave two times. So would not recommend.

  15. Mozzarella sticks are not 5min u gotta open the pack heat up the oil which will take approximately 7 minutes and u gotta cook them so about 12min total

  16. When the only thing you have is the utensils and plates….

  17. Add a splash of milk….. drops whole gallon

  18. I don't have a microwave.

  19. Valentine Child

    I do the mac and cheese one now instead of easy mac lol

  20. Stop fucking using the microwave

  21. I tried the mac and cheese recipe. It's fuckin' amazing

  22. To they understand how long 5 minutes is?

  23. It doesn't show but I'm pretty sure he licked the spoon

  24. But I don't have the microware

  25. I’m so bad at cooking I couldn’t even make the Mac n cheese right

  26. I thought it was

  27. The mac n cheese was good but the noodles were burnt

  28. I tried the mac'n'cheese

  29. Jared Zimmerman

    Mmmmmmm so good i love food

  30. Oh and don't forget to have everything precut and prepared

  31. I should be revising for my exams tomorrow

  32. Emily Cockerham

    the 5 minute Mac and cheese is DELICIOUS!!

  33. Can we use mozzarella cheese instead of cheddar for the first one? I don't have any cheddar.

  34. I would be able to make all of these in less than 5 min if i didn't have to go to my mom to ask about the measurements…. .

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