7 RECIPES WITH POTATO FOR THE WEEK! Hello everyone! Today I have 7 recipes with potato video!!! Every recipe is delicious and super easy to make! But seriously DELICIOUSSS …


  1. I loved this video! So many great ideas!

  2. anyone notice this was just like Tess Begg's potato bake?

  3. Love the new editing!

  4. I think its a great video!!!!! Change is good!!

  5. Love your content (recipes), maybe subtitles for those who want to watch in silence?

  6. Aha people are just mean. This was funny and she is being her normal self.
    That is honestly the same way I call for my mom too! lol

  7. You're awesome! Love the video and recipes!

  8. Love it!!! This was an awesome video!!!

  9. Your killing it!!!!! I love it!!!

  10. Liking these recipes gonna have to give them a try

  11. Love the videos and your comedy. I really appreciate you taking the time to do such great videos that are very informative. I tried out your potato pie recipe and it was great. Keep up the great work and keep them coming. I respect the other viewers negative comments and at the end of the day they don't have to watch your videos.

  12. StarShine LoveLightLover

    All the recipes look so delicious! Never even thought of making empanadas with potatoes what!?! Love it!!

  13. StarShine LoveLightLover


  14. Wow so many people who think they know someone just because they subscribe to a Youtube channel.  They're her videos; she can edit/act however she likes in them.

  15. I️ loved the fun side of this video! Girl youre amazing

  16. Definitely prefer the usual Rawvana

  17. LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE this style of video!!!!!!!!! Keep it up girl ❤

  18. I don't mind the new style, honestly didnt notice it. I guess I saw it as progression with regards to your brand which is expected. Been watching for years and love your growth. Keep pushing love!

  19. All look delicious.thanks beautiful

  20. I'm confused? I meant to be raw recipes channel ?

  21. Lots of commenters are WRONG,
    Princess Yovana;
    you are aDORable!
    I would love to sneak a cuddle with you!

  22. Yovana have u tried calabasitas mexicanas…. en salsa roja. Its vegan! All u need is water, cut up pieces of calabasita, salt, pepper, comino, ajo, tomate, chile of ur Choice…..n thats it. If youd like full recipe pls let me know n i can put it here. But its BOMB!!!!

  23. This new style just seems like she’s trying to be more of an entertainer- very cooking Network or food network. Not all about the food but the talent too.

  24. The croquettes looked the best to me, a close 2nd was the empanadas.

  25. I like the new Rawvana style. Seems more confident, funny, inspiring and motivating.

  26. I love your energy and your recipes, but all the sound effects and yelling is overwhelming and makes it seem like you're trying too hard.

  27. The screaming hurts my ears. I guess i'll just have to turn the volume down in future videos just incase.

  28. Frankly speaking I don't like this new style of video. I like the old style better

  29. people can be so harsh i really enjoyed the fun style of video editing!!! do what you want don't change for anybody

  30. Looks beautiful and so does the food

  31. Rawvana ooh na-na (ay)
    Half of my heart is in Rawvana, ooh-na-na (ay, ay)

  32. Did I miss something…what was the tomato broth you make for the soup?

  33. Rawvana, I understand that this is your job and it is a form of entertainment, but whoever is telling you to put on this persona, STOP. DONT listen to them. I would so much rather you be real, genuine, and relatable while giving us great health tips the way you used to. Just because we are your English channel doesn’t mean you have to act different with us. Love you❤️✨✨

  34. finally a way to make a soup IM STARVING!!! thank you for this video been looking for tasty meals but are simpler and easy to make and follow :)!!! and with potatos!

  35. You guys are deadass boring af I actually thought it was funny.

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