7 Quick & Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for the Week (Vegetarian)

Quick, Healthy and Tasty Lunch Box Ideas for school, college and office goers. Healthy and tasty lunch recipes for the entire week. Buy MAMAEARTH C3 Face …


  1. Hello fitTuber… Pls make a video on ready made Dosa, IDli dhokla batters of Gits and MTR.. Are they healthy to consume because due to time crunch we use them often… We trust ur content so Pls make a video on this topic as well
    Don't forget 🙂

  2. Nice video bhai i like pasta

  3. Dinner options please!

  4. I liked paneer capsicum roll

  5. Is that aluminium in which u cooked pasta…. I thought you made a video on the harmful effects of this metal in cooking

  6. I personally follow your each video…but at the last of video why r u promote number of brands which also have some problems and have artificial…things…
    Do your videos all about ayurveda and natural things

  7. Yes sala unlike Koon Karta hai …

  8. Brave wilderness one of my fav

  9. Really good man

  10. vry nice

  11. plz give some recipes for dinner as well as at night we cant have carbs…nd fed up of salad!

  12. Love u bhai…

  13. Please make a video on healthy breakfast recepies

  14. Dinner options

  15. Dinner ideas..

  16. Again super

  17. I like it ☺️

  18. mineral water is good or bad make a video on it anna

  19. I loved paneer roll
    Pasta and

  20. How to reduce body heat

  21. Roll !!!!!!!!!!

  22. Dinner and evening snack

  23. Dude I am pure NV

  24. Hey can you please make a video on how to deal period cramps naturally.

  25. dinner options

  26. Bhai india me hai english me samjha dea kr

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