7 Quick & Healthy Breakfast Options for the Week (Ditch the Paranthas)

7 Quick and Healthy Indian Breakfast options for the entire Week. Buy Early Foods Porridges – https://earlyfoods.com/collections/organic-baby-food-products (No …


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  2. Rajeshri Gundaram

    Learnt a lot from telugu people

  3. Rice is in breakfast???

  4. Not a single one can be cooked in five minutes.

  5. Is it okay to eat bananas with milk?

  6. Can we eat milk+banana at the same time

  7. I think you are using " sea salt" which is white in colour and not " rock salt" as you call it which is pinkish in colour also called black salt. Other than that. Great videos . Keep it up.
    Love from Ludhiana Punjab

  8. Pink rock salt vs Black salt….which is better??

  9. Make vedio on how to gain weight

  10. You are one of the best YouTube channels 🙂

  11. Online delivery plz

  12. Ishika Vijayvergia

    Man you're amazing!

  13. Banana and milk together create constipation

  14. all bro thanks

  15. Tamarind rice and chilla

  16. Ragi Malt It's my daily routine breakfast very healthy brother

  17. Please make a video on ghee

  18. Please make video on ways to increase immunity.

  19. Has anyone tried making ragi malt ? Cant we make dosa of ragi? Please fit tuber suggest some more varieties on millett and ragi dishes. Better videos u have compare to others….

  20. I heared rice is fattening but most of your breakfast recipes are of rice … R you sure that eating rice in brekfast also keeps you fit

  21. Chinu Moon Indian

    English me khuch samaza nahi

  22. Hi need personal consultation , can you please share your number or email id?

  23. Besan ka chilla is yummy …and ragi we add milk in place of curd

  24. Bachelor breakfast

  25. RKS - Real Knowledge Leads To Success

    Real Talented fit tuber

  26. Watch Rajiv Dixit videos on healthy foods of indians.

  27. Shikha Srivastava

    bhai u r my best youtuber love u

  28. Beans ka chilla….

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