7 Layer VEGAN Breakfast Bake – WSLF Recipe collab with Mr. and Mrs. Vegan!

7 layer vegan breakfast recipe. Whole starch low fat vegan recipe with Mr and Mrs Vegan that happens to be oil-free, gluten free, and super easy to make!


  1. Yeah for WSLF!! I love all your videos

  2. This sounds and looks just yummy!!!!! Hardly can wait to try!!!

  3. I have been so bored with my typical breakfasts of smoothies and oatmeal. I was literally just trying to search for a unique vegan breakfast yesterday, this is perfect and so healthy!! Thank you so much, I can't wait to make this.

  4. ahhh, so creative! Love your channel so much!

  5. Yum! I think this would be great for breakfast-for-dinner nights too since it's more on the savory side! I am totally going to make this!! Thanks for the great idea!

  6. Made this for my weekly meal prep and am eating it Monday-Thursday! Just sitting down to it now and it's incredible! Thanks girl!

  7. This looks SO GOOD! I actually just uploaded a new recipe video to my channel too and I would love if you checked it out!!

  8. Meal prepped this for an early morning the next day, but swapped the peppers for green onion and served with guacamole. It was fantastic, thanks for the recipe!

  9. Basic Vegan Bitch

    this looks SOOO GOOD!!!

  10. Jessica Steinberg


  11. Wow! So unique and looks delicious!

  12. YUM. I cannot wait to make this. At first I didn't click to watch because I thought it was going to be another tofu scramble recipe (which yuck… I just don't care for it, but then again I didn't really like scrambled eggs). This is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!
    I use similar ingredients in my breakfast tacos. I do some hash browns in a pan, add some sliced mushrooms (love baby bella) and layer that in a soft tortilla with some refried beans, tomatoes, salsa and cilantro. YUM. (instagram: kayrenee624)

  13. omg totes gonna make this it looks amazing :)

  14. You look so pretty in this hair (I'm not sure if that is a correct english phrase but I just wanted to compliment you).

  15. Just Survive to Thrive

    Great recipe!! Love this idea!! ❤️️

  16. Infinite Love & Gratitude

    Thank you so much for this fun fiesta brunch recipe! :-)

  17. Lisa Morelli Daly

    I so needed this video today! Thank you for the inspiration!

  18. This looks super yummy! Thank you for the recipe!!☺️

  19. yum!!!

  20. That's so yummy!

  21. That looks so so good!! Will add it to my must try list! Thanks for sharing.

  22. looks yum! Will make this. Would also add nuritional yeast :)

  23. This came just in time! I love my winter oatmeal but needed another warm winter option. Thank you!

  24. You are so smart with food, Nicole! Also I miss your outro music

  25. Great for any meal….love this! thanks! you're a doll!

  26. This looks amazing Nicole!! Need to try this!!

  27. I love when my favorite vegan youtubers collab! This is awesome! I have been on the WSLF challenge since New Years and I have lost almost 10 lbs. 🙂 Can't wait to try this breakfast bake!

  28. This looks absolutely delicious!!

  29. So excited when I saw you were the guest chef for wslf because I already live your channel!!!

  30. Caroline Berniquer

    Great video !!

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