7 Healthy Salad Recipes For Weight Loss

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  1. I can take recipes for my account at Instagram؟☺️

  2. OMG! where have you been all my life??? Amazing channel

  3. Hafida Kahidi

  4. Super and delicious.

  5. So nice

  6. It's so beautiful

  7. Mafalda Ribeiro

    At 32 and 2 kids, you inspire me to eat well for my purpose (loose my belly and gain mass muscle)… thank you so much… Greetings from Mozambique

  8. Exactly who are you decorating that dish for? It’s coming out your asshole sooner or later

  9. ziyanda marcia matyholweni

    for best results but your green bean in boiling water for six minutes

  10. Love you're recipes& the music !

  11. Niharika Singla

    The content is too good yet the thumbnail of this channel doesn't justify it properly! I will say change it to a more suitable picture… It will help people click the content immediately.

  12. Malika Kherroubi

    Ça serait bien de regrouper vos recette par rubrique en un livre électronique

  13. Malika Kherroubi

    Thank you chef

  14. i often do the corn one delicious recepies.☺️

  15. Deep Minimalist

    For the first recipe, would it be alright to boil the chicken breast first?

    I am afraid if the chicken would still taste a bit raw with just baking for 30 mins

  16. Wonderful. Do have easy soup ideas

  17. please tell me that if I want to maintain my weight and be healthy which cheese should I consume ? And in how much quantity should I consume it almost daily (by not gaining any weight)?

  18. Thank you you are a life saver


    good for health thanks

  20. Morticia Schuldiner

    Exactly what i need in my life right now cause i wanna lose weight and i love salads. Thank you!

  21. Thanks , all quickly and clear, without wasting words. Thank you that you Appreciate time of other people. Recipes just super.

  22. I recently got started posting cheap and healthy food videos as well lol..You guys inspire me so much! Thanks for posing great videos.

  23. Love it. Thanks!

  24. Veldic Bra .Superrrr

  25. please upload some summer drinks with low calories and without sugar

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