7 HEALTHY INDIAN BREAKFAST Recipes for 1 Week | Everyday Breakfast Routine

Healthy Indian breakfast ideas for 7 days of the week. I hope this video helps you to start eating breakfast everyday. It is the most important meal of the day and …


  1. Hi shewta even rice idly & dosa batter u can keep it handy it's very good breakfast option , on really busy days to make ur upma u can roast the rava before itself & store it in a airtight container it saves time I used to temper it with mustard seeds cumin seeds curry leaves urad dal & channa dal & store in refrigerator when ever I want to make upma remove it from refrigerator add a boiling water just the way we do to a ready to eat mix it's much healthy & saves time to that boiling water u can add vegetables like beans peas carrots green chilli or red chilli

  2. may i know which camera and mic u use?

  3. Padma Priya Desetti

    So nice video we want videos like this

  4. Shweta are you from south

  5. Pls share some healthy dinner routine

  6. Shweta, excellent Indian breakfast choices. Poha and Chilla are the fastest to make and very sumptuous warm breakfast and they're my personal favourites just like you like Idli and Upma. One check, I think your consistently worn Pink T-shirt is also a motivation to buy new T-shirts. Please keep such videos flowing.

  7. Add lil rice flour incheela batter.. it ll turn out crispy from outside

  8. Ma'am u can try some good idlis at. Shoba restaurant near citylight cinema … Was a very nice video

  9. Ruhi Bhandarkavthekar

    Thanks shweta.. I will try this recipe definitely

  10. I love that masala idli and the green chutney too my fav.

  11. This is so cool babe

  12. Good video

  13. Superb Shewata, nice indicative, but small suggestion just keep out aluminum kadai from your kitchen.

  14. Very healthy breakfast options & got very much ideas

  15. Nice video mam. Thanks for this video. Its a helpful video, loved this video mam.

  16. Simran Khandagale

    Hey shweta really helpful recipes gurl plz shoot ounch ideas as welll lots of love and luck coming ur way

  17. All meal is delicious shweta

  18. Wow …its so helpfull keep posting this kind videos..

  19. Hi dear all recipes are healthy and yummy…tea lover..☺me too..

  20. Masala roti with ajwain gives it a distinct flavour .

  21. Googlie Googlinkty

    Wow! Enriching and Bountiful recipes. THANK YOU SHWETA JI

  22. I just love ur recipes making videos

  23. beautiful cooking!!

  24. Nice…. Tip upma tastes heaps better with chana n urad daal in the tadka

  25. Wow very yummy recipes thanks for sharing

  26. Wow ur a great cook…this part was unknow……good….all are my fvt.breakfast……really enjoyed thanku……..

  27. Plz do 7days healthy lunch and dinner video

  28. great..yeah more such vids, maybe a home made sadya :).. what is impressive u succinctly and aptly covered those many recipes in 10 mins..and made it enjoyable.

  29. Nice rocking video sweta diiiii

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