7 Easy Weekend Brunch Recipes

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  1. Simple yet delicious! I am sure you it must be yummy.

  2. I'm originally from Canada, I moved in Brazil recently tto live with my brazilian bf, and I have a hard time to find things I used to take for recipes back up there.. A very hard time actually, I had to search so badly to find something as common as CELERY. So most of the time I just try to get the inspiration from Tasty's videos since I have a hard time to find ingredients. If they could use less cream cheese as well, would be nice too cause it's extremely expensive and rare in Brazil.

  3. I hate icing

  4. Patience Wallace

    I don't think this classifies as "easy". still cool though

  5. why does every tasty video have cream cheese lmao its gross and nothing substitutes it

  6. Hashimraza 9305

    Please upload a blackbean sauce recipe..

  7. Diabeetus

  8. Premnath Sahota

    Bina bake ki huyi cheeze btai

  9. Premnath Sahota

    Ye sab aap bake kr rhi hai

  10. Anusha Gollamandala


  11. Its makes mee toooo hungryyy

  12. Godric Gryfindor

    Bacon is the most disgusting thing on this planet

  13. Omg I’m hungry now!!!!!

  14. VideoswithChloe! Channel of Random Stuff

    Title: 7 easy weekend brunch recipes
    Me: Um… easy?!?!

  15. Nikitha Gandhi Barty

    Love from India but sometimes do recipes with Indian products

  16. Francesca Testa

    why is everything baked…

  17. i like to adapt the recipes too

  18. Give a substitute for cheese cream as it is not easily available, too many calories and too expensive

  19. Can we have an eggless brunch video now? I hate eggs but I love brunch


  21. this video is pure gold

  22. why does everything have to have cream cheese in it? running out of ideas much

  23. Wonder was stuffed in French toast anyone know, cheese?

  24. Link for recipes not working suppose you won't even see this msg! 5m subs

  25. I think I enjoyed the music more than actually watch the vid

  26. i have never tried a cinnamon roll..

  27. Cannot eat without rice..


    They dont want you to bake. They dont want cream cheese. They dont want sugar. They dont want bacon. Big news people. You dont eat this every day. And new findings state sugar is the cause of major diseases not fat. Fat is needed for the brain and health. Cholesterol is made by the body and is not bad for you. Another new finding. It's sugar that is the poison and should be eaten sparingly and now and then. Not put in every food and drink we buy.

  29. I just let the hash brown patties to bake….wish me luck

  30. This is too much work JUST FOR FOOD. ARE YOU TRYING TO STARVE US

  31. I just woke up its 11:24

  32. I’m rrreeeaalllyyyy hungry why am I watching this stuff

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