7 Days of Vegan Food

Welcome back to an entire week of vegan food. I filmed what I ate and what I did (kind of) for 7 days straight. We’ve got pizza, pasta, a burrito, various lazy meals …


  1. Mina, you have to try the burgers and nuggets and everything else at one of the two new (finally) opened 100% vegan Swing kitchen restaurants in Berlin!

  2. I love these kind of video's! So inspiring! Keep them comin' 😉

  3. And also, I noticed you’ve been watching Brooklyn 9-9 on your phone!!! I’m obsessed!

  4. I love your food related videos way too much! I’m totally addicted

  5. Go Vegan And Die!

  6. für richtig geile vegane burritos musst du zu dolores am hackeschen markt gehen! einfach soso gut da!!

  7. You are so pretty!!

  8. I like that she asked can she double dip hahah

  9. I love these videos!!

  10. Gurl your consumption of avocado is goals! Love the video, gotta try the cute little banana oatmeal cake

  11. NotYour AverageZombie

    escape your vegan doctrine and brainwashing, satanic yoga nonsense , come to God, and enjoy life..and you're eating extremely unhealthy , just so u know…it may be vegan, it may look cool n cozy, it may be even tasty ,but it's all pre-packaged propaganda ,sold to you in the form of bio-animal lovin-earth caring bs, which you've bought right away ,cuz it's trendy, "innovative" and everyone who's "open minded" is doin it…
    I walked the whole walk and it's a scam
    ..and you dont look healthy ,you're all puffy you're an oat junky basically (better to check your kidneys and liver and start doin some physical exrses) i'm sorry to be the one tellin you that
    vegans are the worst , esp, those who are doin all of this shhit ,because of the animals…it's a sect
    ..n don;'t be so ignorant about food combinations , and don't mix sweet with acid, i'm gonna puke my guts out…aren't u bloated eating like this, seriously?!? you look bloated ,lookin at your fingers and palms I think you might be retaining water from all this junk food and even more junkier combo's .. maan you vegans are the laziest and most ignorant mf's of them all..and this awful fake self esteem of yours, thinking that you're so special , different and environment-orientated and animal-protecting …maaan

  12. Mina, if you ever want to try something different with the chocolate oats, add a teaspoon of cardamom (with a teaspoon of cinnamon as well)! It’s my current favorite, I always make it on the weekends xx thanks for another lovely vid

  13. Let's make a New Year's menu – some snacks or desserts for the evening party with friends =)

  14. ich LIEBE Brooklyn nine nine

  15. Great video, thanks! I heard Berlin has a lot of vegan restaurants worth trying.

  16. BULLCRAP. You already vegan! All you vegans try to fool people with these "I ate vegan for a week" videos but u ain't foolin' SHIT. I eat meat every day and I'm always going to! mmmmmmmmmm!!

  17. Du musst mal von Alnatura die veggie Bolognese probieren. Sooo gut!

  18. Stdueirst du in Berlin? Mega schönes Video und seeehr lecker aussehendes Essen :))

  19. I love your videos, so inspiring to make something healty and nicely looked

  20. this is the real deal, a real life vegan imo 🙂 I get people who like to cook everyday and make everything from scratch but to me that does not work at all so I really liked this video!

  21. I love it the video 🙂

  22. Davey gaat je niks aan

    U Guys Are Just a Bunch Of Fucking Assholes U Know Why??
    Because U Dont Got The Guts To Change The World How U Want It To Be

  23. I love this mix of a what I ate and what I did video. Your filming style is very calming and… homey I guess? 🙂 I'd love to see more of these, it's great to see so many realistic, simple, but healthy meals and also some of the many options you have for eating outside, very insteresting ^.^ It makes me feel like I need to visit Berlin again and spend the entire time going from one vegan food place to another, basically 😀

  24. Omg the Zeus Vegan Salami pizza is the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life!

  25. You are the beeeest youtuber. Love you

  26. Sorry this just looks dull.. couldn’t do it

  27. I visited Berlin for a weekend and I miss it so much! The vegan scene was insane!! I had to eat in restaurants but I didn't struggle at all to find vegan food. It was so delicious! <3 I wish I could live there one day!

  28. GirlWith TheBooks

    Welche Kamera + Objektiv nutzt du ? 🙂

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