6 Vegan Lunch Meal Preps

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  1. Great video

  2. kermit sewerside

    there are obviously annoying vegans out there but at this point the people coming onto a perfectly nice video and making generalizations about a whole group of people who choose to eat a certain diet is WAY more annoying. let people enjoy things lol

  3. Really digging the music in this video. Recipes look pretty tasty too!

  4. Im not even vegan and i want to eat these. So bad. Right now.

  5. What would be a vegan alternative to yogurt in tzatziki? I really can't think of any lol.

  6. I have absolutely no idea why I'm here… I'm not vegan or vegetarian but this is really satisfying to watch and I might surprise myself and make one of these (the music kept me in some sort of trance w/ the food idek)

  7. I eat both greens and meat, but my sister is vegan (because of several illnesses, not her choice) and when she visits me, she always makes something delicious. Today she brought me tatare from made of…rice wafles! Sounds dumb, but it was honestly better than normal tatare. Vegan doesn’t always mean bland, tasteless food

  8. Pamka Productions

    I would probably kill all vegans

    But these Recipes doesn't look bad

  9. Disgusting

  10. Oh ffs, enough with the vegan. Seriously getting bored..

  11. they released this on the website awhile ago. please make more vegan recipes!!!

  12. hi good vid it’s awesome

  13. Love these vegan recipes!!

  14. Vegans deserve to be impaled.

  15. says the person yelling at everyone

  16. I'm not a vegan but whenever i eat vegan recipes i feel so much better :3

  17. Mmmm!! SO good! I have been a vegan for a while now and other videos I watch don't really make sense and are not compatible but this was extremely helpful. Can you do a 'unique cookies' video or 'different types of frosting'?? Thanks!! Love Tasty best channel ever

  18. What’s with all the chickpeas?

  19. I would omit the extra salt on all of these, but keep the soy sauce.

  20. This shit looks disgusting

  21. I eat so much beef. It tasted so good. Omg the hamburgers too. Spot on. Fuck vegans yeet!

  22. Who put worms in my burritos?

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