6 Healthy Vegan Recipes For Weight Loss

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  1. Hmmmm seems most of our vegan friends here are not happy with the feta cheese and cream cheese ,if am not mistaken,cheese can also be made from chickpeas.please give him some kudos for trying this out for you guys okay.

  2. Black olives are not vegan. There is no such thing as a black olive. To get black olives they use squid ink.

  3. TheSeriousfitness has the best youtube community around! I watch these videos every time one comes out! I am so glad that I found @t, it helped me not only lose weight but keep it off, hope it helps others as much as it helped me.

  4. Great and you can get Vegan Feta 🙂

  5. Not looking great !

  6. All recipes have similar ingredients, so would taste similar. Like the look of the spinach wrap

  7. Can you do a healthier version of french toast please

  8. Can you do a healthier version of french toast please

  9. Please make videos for muscle building meals

  10. Excellent presentation!! Keep it up!!!

  11. Feta is Not vegan. Parmesan, too.

  12. The only things I see that are missing are cooking times and heat levels to use while cooking. I would think that that would be useful information.


    I am not sure if adding tomato sauce ( presumably bought out sauce) is a good idea for weight watchers.

  14. the happiest person on youtube

    Feta is not vegan?

  15. Feta cheese… Did u just forget that cheese isn't vegan? Lol

  16. Thank u ❤️

  17. Great ideas! Can't wait to try. Is that pan teflon? I've read some serious health concerns about using teflon cookware.

  18. Thanks for putting recipes in description box!!!

  19. Muy riquísima

  20. Que ricas

  21. Me encanta mucho muy deliciosos

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