6 Easy Healthy Meals on a Budget (Vegan & Veggie Options)

6 Quick and Easy Healthy Meals on a Budget | You do not need to be ballin out of control to eat healthy boos! I’m breaking down 6 cheap meals for pescatarians, …


  1. Is it tottaly strange I had no idea the chia seed idea was so simple lol

  2. What is the oven temp for eggs?

  3. If you measure something, it's not eyeballing it lol.

  4. how cruel have to kill a living thing such as fruits and vegetables to stay alive

  5. Josephine Crane

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR PERSONALITY AND PASSION FOR FOOD!! I am a vegan and a fibromyalgia warrior and want to thank you for making this video. I am excited to try your recipes. My family eats meat so I will be making the shrimp healthy dish for them:)

  6. I don’t like vegetables except for some of them

  7. You said it was cheap haha. But chia seed , avocados,shrimps and walnuts are crazy expensive here :/

  8. PaulaSalinasVlogs

    Honey is not vegan!

  9. love the last one! amazing!

  10. You should also try cottage cheese, tuna & mayo, hummus. Basically you can add anything on top of those rice cakes. they are awesome with very low carbs. I usually add all natural crunchy peanut butter, some cinnamon, slices banana, a bit of honey on top of the bananas and some almonds to crush it up.

  11. That was the first time I've seen someone cook some shit on these type of "fast, cheap quick meal" searches that I actually liked. F'kn subbd.

  12. Krystle Grayson

    Never thought of using quinoa as a cereal. Definitely going to try that!!

  13. Go ethnic and show us your take on Filipino food..

  14. Kumusta!

  15. fatumata camara

    The last recipe is a much

  16. The eggs made me puke.

  17. your hands are so beautiful!! how

  18. I would personally add Cinnamon and Raisins to that Peanut butter, banana rice cake. 🙂

  19. You’re really fucking annoying

  20. she sounds like j lo

  21. Alicia Bolingbroke

    even though it was supposed to be healthy i would defo add choc spread and rasberries onto the rice cakes mnmmm

  22. Lucia Trsťanová

    Love your outfit and hair!fits you perfectly

  23. the peanut butter banana rice cakes, i get all the same brands and i love it!!

  24. Honey isn't vegan. You should've put maple syrup in it instead.

  25. Awesome! I plan to try them all.

  26. how does the chia pudding taste? I want to make it but I'm not sure if ill like it

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