6 Delicious Sweet Potato Recipes

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  1. Daaraofthegesert

    That sweet potato toast had me shook!!

  2. The shorty asian

    Tots are supposed to her cheese in them

  3. ❤️❤️❤️ I’m obsessed with sweet potato lol love it x

  4. Awesome stuff

  5. Any good replacement for eggs? Egg allergy here 🙁

  6. Sweet potatoes in a toaster won me over. Brilliant.

  7. Looks delicious, Now all i have to do is to marry a girl who cooks all these recipes;)

  8. tried 3+6, didnt taste good. i have good taste buds, i like burgers n shit. id stick to french fries and potato chips with sweet tomatoes. #yourewelcome

  9. I clicked thinking I would find a little or no oil, vegan, healthy recipe for sweet potatoes and then I realized that almost half of Americans are obese and any recipe video that isn't vegan is probably gonna consist of deep frying and adding oil and salt to everything.

  10. Nice

  11. Tafannum Faizah

    I am hungryyyyyyyy………

  12. BTS ARMY Gaming

    The pancakes can be useful for picky eaters

  13. Manic flying cat

    On top

  14. RafaayQureshi __

    In my country we make these with carrots as well

  15. Dibyendu Adhikary

    how to find that type of orange sweet potato in India?

  16. god i hate sweet potato

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