6 Delicious Potato Recipes • Tasty

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  1. My fad bought me a pound of russet potatoes and I don’t now what to make because I don’t have ingredients for all of these

  2. where is the tomato?

  3. "I am subscribing to BuzzFeed."

  4. One had too many finger touches all others look awesome!

  5. the last one though, done yet done yet done yet

  6. who else love potatoes??

  7. Nice receipe

  8. Potato gnochi, no. Only gnochi.

  9. عرب -فيتنس F I T N E S S- A R A B I A

    Best way to cook potatoes http://cu2.io/9YnZ3Xa

  10. I'm afraid to know what "italian seasoning" is.

  11. And unsurprisingly, there was a ton of cheese added to everything.

  12. Potatos are a gift frommthe heavens

  13. Could anyone tell me meaning of parmesan in urdi

  14. Great meals for communists
    No offense*

  15. Ifeoluwa Akinosun

    Who else watches without making

  16. How to make the dough for the tacos ? @tasty

  17. fuck you tasty why so tasty

  18. that coffee feel

    I have ruined 6 potatoes in my 3 attempts to make first dish..

  19. that coffee feel

    It did not work..first one

  20. It's amazing wounderfull

  21. joseph paula the kowla

    Omg why do they make every dish in the video potatoes.jk

  22. very tasty and yummy recipes but what is parmesan

  23. Mukesh Vashisht


  24. Molly Noneofurbuisness

    5:17 did anyone else cringe when they busted out the metal spatula on the tfal pan?

  25. Molly Noneofurbuisness

    #2 should be named fatty fat fat potato.

  26. Those aren't called "crispy potato tacos" they are called potato quezadillas

  27. Yakeeee

  28. Ur videos are awesome but can't make them as sometimes u use the things which r not present in our locality

  29. Jefferson Estêvam

    Just put cheese on it.

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