5. WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Vegan + Gluten-Free

Check out what I eat in a day in this video! Today’s meals are all gluten-free + vegan too! EAT CLEAN: 7-Day Vegan + Gluten-Free Meal Plan: …


  1. Where do you food shop locally, if you do?

  2. What device u recommend for the zucchini??

  3. I have celiac disease and I eat gluten free to stay alive people doing the diet make it alot easier for me to get effected when eating out

  4. sweet potato= carbs quinoa=carbs nut butters = carbs avocado=carbs. She definitely had enough carbs and she knows her body.

  5. Shabby & Unique USA

    okay so where do you buy all these things from. Monk fruit, low sweet mct oil, and what is hemp milk? how do you make the milk. please

  6. Shabby & Unique USA

    and bananas have carbs too and sugar

  7. I have to admit vegan yogurt is one of the most disgusting things I've ever eaten I will just go back to oatmeal or Grape-Nuts for breakfast

  8. Deborah Elaine Donnor

    People, people, people. yes, you need carbs, but you're actually more likely to die from too many than too few. Calorie restriction is hands down the best longevity booster known to science. Don't let American-gorge-yourself culture go to your head!!


  10. Nikki WanderWalsh

    You walked 60 blocks?! Whaaat

  11. I'm currently starting gluten free do you have any advice for me??

  12. she is a very healthy eater, she eats lots of the stuff that I eat as a vegetarian, and more! and by the way there is carbs in veggies and defiantly fruits! (you don't need very much!)

  13. Your recipes are so good and I love the ingredients. I'm gonna try them. Can't wait. My only problem is that you could choose better looking fruits and veggies. It matters. The lemon you put in your water was ugly. The avocados you made smooth had lots of black stuff on it. The bananas were spotted black on the peel. I know sometimes with fruits and veggies, sometimes the inside can be pretty in spite of the ugly skin but still it's always better if you could pick ones that are good in and out. Jbh.

  14. If you don't like this video, then don't watch it! If you don't feel that you are not made to eat plant based, then go check out the pioneer woman's videos. I think your video was great Miss Simply Quinoa. Keep your head up girl and let these negative comments roll off your back like water

  15. so like the look of the recipes youve created they look very nice xx

  16. What kind of spiralizer is that? And I find this very helpful, I recently found that I have a wheat allergy.

  17. Let her eat the way she wants to eat

  18. Greetings from Sweden! 🙂 I just found your channel and have only seen this episode, but I will say I enjoyed watching it, you seem to be a very sweet person and also well educated in this field. I have studied nutrition and wellbeing for many, many years, but just started eating glutenfree and veganfood a couple of days ago, so I'm now searching for nice recipes to start off with, and you gave me plenty of inspiration in this episode, so thank you for that. 🙂 And to all those who argue that you are not getting enough of this or that: since I have studied nutrition for about 25 years now, I can say without a doubt that you are getting SOOO MUCH more nutrients through what you're eating, than the absolute majority of the worlds popluation is getting through their food! Protein and carbs and all that… We dont need as much of those as people seem to think we do, and the best source for it are organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. And superfoods! So keep up the good work! 🙂

  19. You don't cook the zucchini?

  20. O me o my i so LOVE your video keep them coming

  21. I’m a vegetarian and I’m also gluten intolerant and this video really help and I will be try some of these recipes tomorrow so thank you so much!

  22. Your puppy is adorable!

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